[Shown above is the SCHEDULE of the 2017 GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO SUMMER CLASSES AND WORKSHOP. Classes start on APRIL 17, 2017 with RECITAL on JUNE 11, 2017 at the AFP THEATER. The studio is located at No. 104 13th Avenue, Barangay Socorro, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila. The Admin Assistant and Secretary who minds the dance studio and attends to inquiries and phone calls at 0977-8371284 is Ms. Jerly Ortillada. ENROLLMENT IS NOW GOING ON!!!!]


For some time now the GC1 has been buzzing—

That’s every summer time when classes start ceasing…

It’s FUN TIME for kids and adults alike,

Found that a gracious MOM do dance — ‘twas a surprise!2





The HIPHOP3 culture has invaded us all,

At the 2014 WHHI 4 , a Russian dancer made a call;

He encouraged the audience to learn  HIPHOP,

He even boasted that his MOM has learned a LOT!





In the US of A, HIPHOP has been PRAISED,

“It’s now the center of mega music & fashion industry”, State Dept. SAID;


“It’s world’s favorite culture…”,  it proudly NOTED!





Martha Graham5  wrote: “the essence of dance is the expression of man—“,

Even added: “’tis the landscape of  soul…”, with much elan—

Indeed, dancing is helpful exercising,

It improves the heart’s and lungs’ via

such conditioning!





Dancing increases aerobic fitness as well as muscle tone,

It even reduces osteoporosis & enhances coordination;

Thus, let’s all propagate this dance culture,

It swept all strata from the poor to those dressed in haute couture!





And so starting April 17, of this year—

HIPHOP dancing will be the focus; ‘tis not dear;

At the GROOVE CENTRAL in Barangay Socorro,

Enrollment is going on; reservation is okey too!




You can enroll at Coach VIMI’s6 class,

That’s the BASIC or the INTERMEDIATE, as well as the ADVANCE class–

VIMI’s Varsity Team of the LEGIT STATUS name,

Snatched SILVER at 2015 WHHI, it brought much FAME!

Another skilled HIPHOP Coach is that who’s called VON,7

He’s really a BONO in French it’s CES’T SI BON;

His HIPHOP classes are the HOUSE & HOODZ styles,

You’d truly love them as VON dances with a smile!

CHIPS BELTRAN8 too is a coach who’s so SASSY,

He’s HEAD COACH of UPEEPZ, that won in Sydney at AUSSIE;

He’ll truly entertain you with much of his VERVE,

And all his students would never go unnerved!

Or enlist with Coach MJ ARDA9 of the A TEAM,

Whose style is truly EXCELLENT and CLEAN;

As the A TEAM really is so much force and passion,

Surely, it could bring much… more laurels to our nation!




Your toddler can list up for BALLET,

That’s with Coach TINA10 and my kid ALEE11;

…Or those KIDS who want to dance for a start,

Coach CHESKA12 could put them on the right track!



JJ GUSTILO13 on the other hand teaches NEWSKOOL,

A brand of HIPHOP which really is COOL;

And JJ is the Head Coach of the ALLIANCE14 Team,

The RP Team which bagged BRONZE, with much esteem!   





You can learn under Coach SHAYNA15, ‘tis TRUE,


And in the end– will meet at Fort AGUINALDO16,

That will be the much-awaited RECITAL with much HULLABALOO!






[Legend: 1 – GC is the acronym for the GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO located at No. 104 13th Avenue, Barangay Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila.
2 – I actually got surprised to see my friend, Ms. IDA TIONGSON, who is an executive and business consultant of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies. We chanced upon each other at the GC Dance Studio one day while she did a dance training while I checked on my daughters: Shayna, Cheska and Alee who are dance coaches thereat. I just then realized that HIPHOP dancing was IDA’s secret for her innate aura of elan, agility, flair, confidence and éclat.
3 – Hip hop is a subculture and art movement developed by African-Americans from the South Bronx in New York City in the late 1970s. While people unfamiliar with hip hop culture sometimes use the expression “hip hop” to refer exclusively to hip hop music, hip hop is characterized by anywhere from four to nine distinct elements or expressive realms, of which hip hop music as well as hip hop dance are the principal elements. Indeed, it brings pride to all of us Filipinos that our Philippine hiphop dance teams are beating even the Americans (from where it originated actually n New York City, USA) in HIPHOP dancing.
4 – WHHI is acronym for WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST. Thus, at the World Hiphop International Contest held in Las Vegas, USA in August 2014 (which was attended by me and my whole family), the team captain of the RUSSIAN Hiphop Team, who was about in his early 20s;  announced on stage during the FINALS, that his mother was into HIPHOP dancing also as he called upon the audience to learn HIPHOP too.
5 – Martha Graham was an American modern dancer and choreographer. Her influence on dance has been compared with the influence of Picasso on modern visual arts, the influence of Stravinsky on music, and the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on architecture.
6 – VIMI is Coach VIMI RIVERA and is the Team Director of the LEGIT STATUS DANCE TEAM which Varsity Dance Team won 1st Runner-Up in the 2015 WHHI held in San Diego, CA, USA. The LEGIT STATUS Dance Team has been joining and competing at the WHHI for a couple of years now since 2009.
7 – VON is Coach VON ASILO who was formerly the Creative Director of the UP STREET DANCE TEAM which was declared CHAMPION under their team name THE CREW in the 2012 WHHI held in Las Vegas, USA.
8- CHIPS BELTRAN is the Head of the UPEEPZ Dance Team which won as CHAMPION in the 2016 WHHI held in Las Vegas, USA.
9 – MJ ARDA is Coach Michael Jordan Arda who is Team Director of the A TEAM, the CHAMPION of the 2014 WHHI held in Las Vegas, USA.
10 – Coach TINA is CRISTINA VALDERRAMA who is the Head Coach in BABY BALLET.
11 – ALEE is Ma. Winnalee E. Young, my youngest daughter, who is Assistant Coach in BABY BALLET.
12 – CHESKA is Ma. Wincheska E. Young, my middle daughter, who teaches KIDS HIPHOP.
13 – JJ G. SAN JUAN is the Head Coach and Team Director of the ALLIANCE Team.
14 – The ALLIANCE Dance Team like the LEGIT STATUS Dance Team is composed of dancers from different schools in the metropolis and it has been joining and competing at the WHHI for some time now. The ALLIANCE Team bagged the BRONZE medal during the 2016 WHHI held in Las Vegas, USA.
15- SHAYNA is Winshayna E. Young, my eldest daughter, who teaches the PROJECT GROOVE HIPHOP class.
16 –  Fort AGUINALDO is the Fort Aguinaldo Theater located within the Camp Aguinaldo grounds where the RECITAL for the 2017 SUMMER CLASS & WORKSHOP will be held on June 11, 2017.]

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