[Left photo shows Dr. Andy Tan, President of ASPAC, delivering his speech during the ASPAC General Assembly and Oath Taking held at the LEONG HALL, ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY on September 17, 2016. Photo at right shows Dr. Andy Tan with the elected members of the ASPAC Board notable of whom is Immediate Past President, Atty. Raul Panlasiqui (standing to Dr. Andy Tan’s right) as they manned the registration tables minutes before the start of the ASPAC General Assembly and Oath Taking Ceremony.]


It happened with my youngest daughter’s1 TUITION,

I missed it during Tonton’s2  European EDUCATION;

I never thought that a PARENT COUNCIL would BE,

A vibrant  aggrupation  in  the Loyola Schools’ COMMUNITY!



Indeed, it was in the ATENEO, at  its  college level, so TRUE—

As I thought those PARENT COUNCILS in that place so BLUE…

Were only extant in the Grade and High School levels; I had no CLUE—

Remarkably the ASPAC3, matter-of-factly, is a COUP4!

 When Alee5 matriculated at Loyola last YEAR,

She daintily approached me for my SIGNATURE;

As I was a bit so busy being a legal PRACTITIONER,

Sans reading the print,  I got quick in my name’s AFFIXTURE!



And then I met and saw Dr. Tan, ANDY ,

Who was the outgoing Prexy,  so  truly DANDY;

It was at the ASPAC office at the Frank Lynch HALL,

And a briefing was made then , sort of  a PROTOCOL!



And thus, I was elected and got sworn IN,

And Dr. Andy Tan emerged still as ASPAC KINGPIN;

It was however good and beneficial to ASPAC,

Dr. Andy  proved to be the real leader of the PACK!



Dr. Andy Tan is a true-blue hard WORKER,

Became even an “LRT-rider”, that’s now his MONIKER;

For he’d show up at the ASPAC base almost DAILY,

With his vigor and vim, I guess Dr. Andy loves GUACAMOLE6!




Dr. Andy is quick and profoundly ENERGETIC,

He recites rhyme-lines in Tagalog, indeed very POETIC;

And when there is a social affair, with  some dining SO-SO;

Eyes are much focused in Dr. Andy’s LECHON SABROSO7!



Dr. Andy is even a FENG SHUI MASTER,

Though it’s some kind of hobby, makes him a genuine FORECASTER;

Thus, if Dr. Andy can foresee some kind of DISASTER,

He could seemingly  shield himself with marble-like ALABASTER8!

But the greatest recipients of Dr. Andy’s  laboring DAILY,

Are the ASPAC scholars whose project Dr. Andy treats as his BABY;

He indeed is so proud and delighted of them ALL,

Dr. Andy will wager his whole fortune to the last peso, if there’s a CALL!




So, let us all support Dr. Andy Tan as PREXY,

For it’s like supporting our native land like CRAZY9;

For indeed ATENEO has been the consistent CRADLE,

Of a number of our nation’s leaders who has been reared as a BLUE EAGLE10


[Legend: 1 – My youngest daughter Ma. Winnalee (“Alee”) E. Young actually introduced me to ASPAC, as in fact I never knew about such an organization in the ATENEO before.
2 – My son Tonton aka Walter Anthony E. Young, actually studied at the ATENEO Loyola Schools where he pursued a course in European Studies and graduated in 2011. He never knew about ASPAC and was in fact surprised too when I told him about the workings of ASPAC.
3 – ASPAC is the acronym of the parents’ council formally known as the ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS’ COUNCIL.
4 – COUP as used in the FUN-RHYME BLOG actually means SUCCESS.
5 – ALEE is the nickname of my youngest daughter who is taking a course in Management at the John Gokongwei School of Management of the LOYOLA SCHOOLS at the ATENEO.
6 – Guacamole is the AVOCADO which has been bruited about as abundant in health benefits. I just actually guessed that Dr. Andy Tan is a guacamole-eater as he is so healthy, with glowing hair and skin; so vigorous and sturdy looking.
7 – SABROSO is the brand name of the lechon (i.e. roast pig) which Dr. Andy Tan regularly donates as part of the table fare during social events of the ASPAC.
8 – Alabaster is a mineral or rock that is soft and often used for carving, as well as being processed for plaster powder. It can be used as a coating too, and it could be marble-like in hardness when it has coagulated and has hardened, as well as marble-like in color.
9 – The idiomatic expression “LIKE CRAZY” means to an intense degree.
10 – BLUE EAGLE is an appellation which refers to the ATENEO or a graduate of the ATENEO. ]


[Group photo of the ASPAC Board with ATENEO President, Fr. Jet Villarin, in a GENUFLECT position; at center sandwiched by myself (Atty. Walter T. Young – at Fr. Villarin’s right; and Mr. Norman Bueno – at Fr. Villarin’s left). Dr. Andy Tan is shown 4th from right, also via a GENUFLECT position at FRONT ROW.]

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