[Shown in the photos above are the newest additions to our CLAN. From left to right: FRIA, who is  the second child of PINKY and IAN TUGAS (PINKY is WILSON’s daughter with MARLYN CASQUEJO as the doting wife, mom to PINKY and grandma to FRIA); RICO aka PEPITO who is cheerfully ensconced on a comfy chair  is the first son of PINKY and IAN; the 3rd photo shows the mother and son portrait of WINKLE cradling her first son HUGO with MIKE BRAVO as father (WINKLE is the eldest daughter of WINSTON and RALLY BELISARIO); and the last but certainly not the least photo (extreme right) displays the latest addition to the WINKLE-MIKE BRAVO household, and that baby boy is named TOBIAS aka TOBY.]




Daddy Max at 94, going on to 951 has NOW NINE (9) great GRANDKIDS,

That’s APO SA TUHOG2, in Tagalog3… as though one is counting some BEADS;

But as I was quickly corrected, it’s APO SA TUHOD4, in FACT…

Roughly  —-GREAT GRANDSON at one’s KNEES5, as though a bone-setting “CHIROPRACT”6!





Our nonagenarian DADDY MAX  does not need walking  AID,

He’s in fact nimbly erect and steady with his GAIT;

So those great grandkids who’re to sort of, support his KNEES,

Ought not to be literally taken…just tell it to the BEES!




Winchell who’s Wandra7’s daughter has FOUR,

Wilhelmina (that’s Pinky’s name) who’s Wilson’s daughter has brought a COUPLE;

Winkle who’s Winston’s daughter has TWO,

Wyona who’s Warren’s daughter has ONE TOO…




Among those KNEE-level grandkids, one has preserved the PRACTICE,

His name is WYOSEF8, that’s  using “W” as PREFIX;

But still the other great grandkids’ names appeared SYMBOLIC,

A link to the ascendants has cranked in some kind of seeming RHETORIC9



[Shown in the photo above is WYOSEF SAM CALLANTA YOUNG with his grandpa, WARREN YOUNG, the youngest in the brood of EIGHT (8) children]


Still the naming of WYOSEF seemed  patriarchally DOUBLY INTENT,

The “W” is in DADDY MAX’s honor, and it sounds JOSEPH, our Lord JESUS’ PARENT;

In fact, it would TRULY seem patriarchally TRIPLE,

For SAM which is WYOSEF’s other name is almost DADDY MAX’s palindromic TITLE10!




RICO who is Pinky’s first son, is FEDERICO,

Still that name is ALLIED to DADDY MAX’s MAXIMO;


Those two words are  truly revered by idyllic FATE11!


 [Shown in the photos above, from left to right: FRIA aka PIPAY is seemingly snapped in this shot trying to take a grab at the macaroons depicted at the foreground of the left photo; at right, PINKY and IAN are shown with RICO aka PEPITO during the BABY SHOWER party for FRIA aka PIPAY, complete with some kind of white-colored jerseys for the kids emblazoned with their respective names as printed on it: one for “PIPAY” with number 4 on it and another one for “PEPITO” with number 1 on it] 


And HUGO12 who is Winkle’s means –  “BRIGHT IN MIND AND SPIRIT”,

Still that’s  AKIN to the tenor of being GREAT;

For indeed MAXIMO is actually BRIGHT,  and truly even BRIGHTEST,

You only need to see the PROGENY, that’s the LITMUS TEST!


[A foursome photo of the family of WINKLE and MIKE BRAVO with HUGO at top center while the newest addition to their household, TOBIAS aka TOBY, at bottom center] 


And the newest additions to our dear CLAN,

Are FRIA13 and TOBIAS14, those names appear with much ELAN;

And truly indeed, there’s still that verbal linkage,

The naming has turned MATERNAL as though the practice has turned a PAGE!




FRIA means COLD, while NORMA connotes NORMAL —

NORMA is the matriarch and from that side called PARAPHERNAL15;

Mommy NORMA would indeed be so gleefully JOLLY—

Indeed– the naming now has seemingly turned to her NAME and FAMILY!





And now with respect to TOBIAS, that’s COOL!

It indeed is the surname of the GRAND MATRIARCH of ALL;


These kids are relatively the newest additions to our clan’s COMMUNITY!


[Legend: 1- Daddy Max will actually be celebrating his 95th year on July 30, 2017; the reckoning seems to be ONE (1) great grandkid per decade…HMMM…Actually Daddy Max has 26 grandchildren in all, as of this FUN-RHYMING.
2- APO SA TUHOG; tuhog would mean the way how necklaces made of beads are made. Tuhog actually means to penetrate, as in penetrate with a strand into the middle of a bead through its small opening. Well, just say its POETIC LICENSE, just as to achieve the FUN-RHYMING…
3- Tagalog is the widely spoken dialect in the Philippines. It actually is the FILIPINO language.
4- APO SA TUHOD   would actually roughly   translate into:  “GRANDKID AT THE LEVEL OF THE KNEES”. I learned too that if it’s a GREAT GREAT GRANDKID it would be “APO SA TALAMPAKAN” that would roughly translate to “GRANDKID AT THE LEVEL OF THE SOLES OF THE FEET”.
5- KNEES actually refer to the joint between the thigh and the lower leg in humans. It is bruited about and talked about among folks in the Philippine setting, that when one grows old, the KNEES are the first to be affected, as in: “MAHINA NA ANG TUHOD”. Well, just a wild guess… perhaps APO SA TUHOD would connote a grandkid supporting the grandpa while walking by standing near and supporting the grandpa’s KNEES. Just joking….as this does not pertain to DADDY MAX…
6 – The use of the term CHIROPRACT is for poetic license once again, to achieve the FUN-RHYMING. Well, it has a linkage however with one’s KNEES getting weak (while getting older) and the need for a CHIROPRACT might be urgently needed to do some bone-setting in that joint, the KNEES. 
7 – Wandra is our youngest sister and she gave birth to Winchell during her previous marital union, who (i.e. Winchell)  has on her own given birth to 4 children:  Kiara Andrea, Isaac Andrews, Angeline and Gerico.
8-  Wyosef is Warren’s (our youngest brother) grandson, being the son of Wyona. Warren has sustained the practice of naming his descendants with “W” as first letter of the given name. This practice was begun by Daddy Max as he named me WALTER and DADDY MAX said that the “W” is the inverted form of the first letter of his given name “M” for MAXIMO.
9- RHETORIC is persuasive speech and it would mean that the naming among the grandkids as well as the great grandkids though not uniformly made with “W” as sort of prefix to the first name, in keeping with the practice begun by Daddy Max, still is observed with some linkage, verbal or otherwise, with our ascendants. Indeed, as with respect to FRIA and TOBIAS aka TOBY, it would still show, by sheer persuasion perhaps; that those names still are verbally linked to our ascendants one way or the other, wittingly or unwittingly…he,he,he…
10- PALINDROME is  a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward. Well, the  name “SAM” in reverse would read as “MAS”, almost near the name Daddy “MAX”…he,he,he…
11 – FATE is destiny; and it would seem that in this world of ours, getting RICH translates to becoming GREAT. And IDYLLIC, as this turn of events in many instances (i.e. the RICH becoming GREAT) are usually journalized/memorialized in most movies, stories and legends.
12 – HUGO per a peek at the INTERNET is the Latin form of Hugh. HUGO, as a name, seems to have more heft and energy than the original HUGH — and of course people love names that end (or begin) with an “O”.  HUGO appears too, to be especially appealing because it is backed up by lots of solid history in a European setting.
13- FRIA is PINKY and IAN TUGAS’ second CHILD. FEDERICO aka RICO  is the first child of the TUGAS couple. FEDERICO actually is an Italian name and actually means “PEACEFUL RULER”. With that denotation (i.e. PEACEFUL RULER), FEDERICO  still is allied to MAXIMO, as RULERS are usually GREAT, which is the denotation of MAXIMO.
14- TOBIAS is WINKLE and MIKE BRAVO’s second child. HUGO is the first child of the BRAVO couple. TOBIAS (Τοβίας) is actually a Greek version of the Hebrew biblical name “Toviyah” (טוביה),meaning “The goodness of God”. It is a popular male given name in Germany, Scandinavia, the United States and amongst the Jewish people. In English-speaking countries it is often shortened to TOBY.
15 – PARAPHERNAL means SIDE OF THE WIFE or WIFE’s SIDE in relation to kinship. Actually, Mommy NORMA (whose full maiden name is NORMA RIVERA TOBIAS) being our MATRIARCH and DADDY MAX’s first wife, makes the new naming TREND among our 4th level descendants (i.e. the great grandkids), not only MATRIARCHAL but truly PARAPHERNAL, as it would seemingly appear that NOW in the giving of names, the WIVES’ choice are accorded more weight and priority.

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