[My KUMPADRE, bosom friend and UP Law batch mate, Atty. Cecilio “Cel” Gellada is shown in this photo taken during the celebration of his 65th birthday with his pretty wife, Kumadreng Beth Gaddi. My good friend Cel and his soul-mate and partner Beth, have been blessed with THREE (3) brilliant boys, namely: Enrico, Lorenzo and Alejandro.]

CEL is my KUMPADRE1  being  NINONG2  of  my daughter SHANE,

He is so HUMBLE as a pie; for that’s a feature of his NAME—

For CECILIO really means: “extremely adorable,  generous and caring”…

That’s GOOGLE’s result — as I did a quick searching.


If you’re indeed a fellow who’s CARING,

And even GENEROUS and so ADORABLE; that’s SOMETHING—

You’ll automatically be truly HUMBLE,

For care and generosity is HUMILITY’s CALL.


But when we were UP Law students then,

That’s about 4 decades and 2 years hence;

CEL did the most reciting and it was quite exacting,

For those UP Law profs, they really were amazing.


I really got surprised then, for CEL seemed BRAGGADOCIO,

For as he did his COOL recitation, it’s as if he’s reading it from a FOLIO;

And every time CEL would recite, it’s always at the start of the class;

Thus, all eyes and ears were focused,  and CEL would look like some top brass.



Alas…ahoy! we learned thereafter,

The unraveling of CECILIO’s style brought lots of  laughter;

For that Law prof observed that strange protocol,

To call those studes who’re late, spying like a mole.



For CEL indeed did some spying,

Intentionally doing late his entry at the classroom; procrastinating…

And as our Law prof has made a vow,

He’ll call for recitation those seemingly late season cow!



Thus… CEL ultimately revealed his strategy,

He’ll just read and review those top topics… GEE!

And those on the lower part of the assignment list,

He’ll never even daub a check, cause he’ll just avoid and miss.


And CEL’s BRAGGODOCIO air was all for show,

As his knees like ours, were crumbling too;

For we were then just docile freshmen,

Afraid of UP Law profs who seemed like cruel henchmen.



But now after the years have passed,

My HUMBLE CEL has peaked at last;

He’s now General Counsel and VP3 of PSALM4,

That’s an accomplishment and a sure pride of his clan!



And to you my bosom friend and batch MATE,

Receive my greetings as though in a PLATE;

It’s not something that can be EATEN,

It’s a BLOG that’s in vogue and is now the TREND.



[Legend: 1-KUMPADRE is actually a Spanish term which would be an exact translation of the English word- COMPEER, meaning a companion. But in the Philippine setting, KUMPADRE means more than a companion. It would actually mean a bosom friend and the godfather of a child, who served as principal sponsor at the baptismal rites of the child.
 [2- NINONG is a Tagalog term which refers to a godfather.]
[3 – VP is acronym for Vice-President.]
[4- PSALM is acronym for POWER SECTOR ASSETS AND LIABILITIES MANAGEMENT CORPORATION. PSALM is actually a government-owned and controlled corporation tasked to undertake the privatization of the assets of the National Power Corporation (NPC) and the National Transmission Corporation (Transco) as well as the privatization of the management of NPC’s IPP (Independent Power Producer) contracts.]


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