[Madame BENG ZAMBRANO, despite her polite declination to continue serving as K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC. (“KVTHAI”) President, is still considered as the authority within K-VILLE. this is so as official letters from City Hall would invariably be delivered still at their unit’s doorsteps from time to time. Indeed, BENG is still sought for advice and motherly counseling by residents who have admired her style of tactful,efficient and fair governance during her term as Prexy.  BENG is shown at left photo clutching a bouquet of roses taken inside their K-VILLE home. At  top right  photo is a SELFIE taken by BENG’s daughter CHIARA. With BENG in the said photo are her husband JIMMY F. ZAMBRANO and their son, MARK ZAMBRANO. At right bottom photo is a tarpaulin which was used as backdrop during the surprise birthday celebration staged by the K-VILLE community, a couple of years back,  in BENG’s honor.]



When she came to K-VILLE not very long AGO,

She really was so MOTHERLY; a woman on the GO!

She was so CREATIVE and even WORK-ADDICTED,

Particularly when K-VILLE needs to be fully DECORATED.



It was she who daintily RECOLLECTED,

The country’s good customs and old TRADITIONS;

Thus, the festive SANTACRUZAN2  was HELD,

And the MAHAL NA PASYON3 — in seeming continuing SESSIONS.



For her endearing and warm SOLICITUDE,

The community saw her potential and kind work ATTITUDE;

Thus—because of this , she got TWICE ELECTED,

As PREXY of the Association, she proved SO truly DEDICATED!



If not perhaps for her plain REFUSAL,

She’d stay as long, sans swift INTERVAL;

But JIMMY4 would continuously be FROWNING,

As he has already allowed BENG’s 2-year dogged5 PRESIDING.



If every territory would have a ROYALTY,

I’d be swayed to move that BENG be made our “QUEEN”;

For BENG’s contribution to K-VILLE is no PALTRY,

It was she who fostered PEACE, CAMARADERIE; even  JOLLITY…SO KEEN! 



Despite her various domestic duties; nay FULL RESPONSIBILITY,

BENG has remained to be part of K-VILLE’s AUTHORITY;


BENG has continued HELPING as though SERVING our LORD!


And as our ELECTION 6  will be in the OFFING,

Please do not ever think that I’m CAMPAIGNING;

It’s just actually, my FINE ASPIRATION,

That BENG be still part of KVTHAI’s7 ADMINISTRATION!




LEGEND: *-BENG ZAMBRANO is CRISANTA G. ZAMBRANO who for TWO (2) terms of TWO (2) years each served as the President of the K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC. (“KVTHAI”) from 2011 up to 2015. BENG has however remained to be part of the KVTHAI Board as she in fact is the incumbent Vice-President of the KVTHAI whose term ends this February 2017. There has been moves to campaign for and to elect fresh blood and new faces in the KVTHAI, to sort of pass the baton of leadership and governance to the younger members of the K-VILLE community which is truly commendable.But, my silent aspiration is to have BENG retained at the KVTHAI  as K-VILLE’s moving spirit and maternal as well compassionate conscience thereat. In 2011, when K-VILLE was rocked with the WILLY TORRES’ court case scam with its attendant brouhaha, BENG served as the matriarchal leader who incessantly showed solicitude and concern unto all of the K-VILLE residents, which  sort of alleviated and lightened up the burden and the worrisome effects of the scandal.
  1. SANTACRUZAN is religious-historical beauty pageant cum festival which sorts of celebrates the discovery of the HOLY CROSS by St. Elena of Constantinople. It is celebrated in the Philippines through a procession of elegantly-dressed ladies with full of flowers and buntings in the month of May. Santacruzan in Spanish means SACRED CROSS.
  2. MAHAL NA PASYON is the practice of passion-reading which is observed in the Philippines during the HOLY WEEK. Instead of merely reading the verses of a Tagalog-written book entitled PASYON, the verses are actually sung.
  3. JIMMY is JAIME ZAMBRANO, the better half and husband of BENG ZAMBRANO.
  4. DOGGED – The term is used as BENG ZAMBRANO, when she was Prexy of KVTHAI was truly a hard worker and she literally worked hard in the fashion of the idiomatic expression of WORKING LIKE A DOG.
  5. ELECTION – The K-Ville Townhomes Homeowners’ Association, Inc. has set the election of a new set of officers on February 12, 2017.
  6. KVTHAI is acronym for K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., the homeowners’ association in the K-Ville Townhomes community located at the Sanville Subdivision, Barangay Culiat, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.

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