[My KUMPADRENG JOEY TIROL SOLIDUM is shown in this photo with her comely wife, KUMADRENG LYD; with rows of fresh plants as backdrop (some kind of a presentiment if JOEY accepts a new mandate as Treasurer anew of the KVTHA). JOEY will indeed be among FRESH and NEW BLOOD of diligent directors of the KVTHA board if those new faces would eventually be elected as DIRECTORS of the KVTHA Board. Election of the new set of officers  of the KVTHA Board, KVTHA is acronym for K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., is set on February 12, 2017.]



As election in K-VILLE1 is FORTHCOMING,

It would be nice to first examine the BOOKING;

The booking which is actually the REGISTER,

The list of candidates… for a useful STARTER.



But as a rule has since been ADOPTED,

All voters are deemed candidates to be ELECTED; 

So, through this FUN RHYME blog as a quick AID,

I wish to make suggestions for a voting UPGRADE.




He has been the K-VILLE’s TREASURER, truly UPENDING;

For when he started serving K-VILLE as a BURSAR3,

The funds have been managed as though by a CZAR.




Under his diligent watch, JOEY was INNOVATIVE—

He put up a good system, truly CREATIVE;

And during his term, JOEY INITIATED —

An advance payment scheme, ‘twas EFFECTIVE!




JOEY was even one who would be LENDING,

Their household funds, it’s quite EMBARRASSING;

For a lot of residents have been rudely EVADING,

Prompt/full payments of the dues, ‘tis quite DISTRESSING.




Stressful indeed for K-VILLE needs to be MAINTAINED,

But if funds are scarce, this thrust could be DETAINED;

Our streets will thus be cluttered with RUBBISH,

And our helpful guards will surely grow FAMISHED.



At times when payments have come OUTSTANDING,

K-VILLE’s credit balance at times goes DRAINING;

So, poor JOEY has to put up some FUNDS;

It feels as though they’re paying for additional LUNCH!



So, let’s all be prompt in paying and CARING,

It’s for our community, it brings much ZING!

Full responsibility really has to be continuously FOSTERED,

For K-VILLE has raised us all, even has MOTHERED!





Let’s all sway those who have been acting like LOCO;

Expecting as though their stay in K-VILLE—

…It’s as though all for FREE– and no need to receive a  BILL.




My wish and supplication for my KUMPADRE, via this blog a-QUICKIE!

Let’s continue helping our COMMUNITY;

Perhaps, with the new blood who’ll get


Will raise dues-collection and K-VILLE’s funds kitty  be EXPANDED!



Let’s all be grateful to KUMPADRENG JOEY,

He has served the community like truly like a PONY4;

As a friend, admirer and KUMPADRE; wishing he’ll CONTINUE…

And let’s  all sustain K-VILLE as a SAFE and GRAND VENUE!

[Legend: 1 – K-VILLE is the name of a townhomes community located within the Sanville Subdivision in Barangay Culiat, Tandang Sora, Quezon City where I and my family have been living since 1989. It houses about 116 townhomes units in a vast expanse of 1.5 hectares of land along Cenacle Drive corner Renowned Lane just about a stone’s throw from the Claret Seminary.
2 – Kumpadre is a Spanish term which means COMPEER or companion. In the Philippine setting, it means the godfather of a child who serves as principal sponsor in the baptismal rites of the child.
3 – BURSAR is another term for TREASURER.
4 – The use of the term PONY is ambivalent; it could connote the meaning of “working hard” as in the idiomatic expression “working like a horse”. But the term PONY has another meaning as an idiomatic expression—it refers to an EXTRAVAGANT GIFT. Thus, my KUMPADRENG JOEY is not only a HARD WORKER but he virtually is a GIFT to the K-VILLE community; for all the sacrifices and for all those ABONO  (i.e. to pay in advance using his own funds to pay off K-VILLE community’s recurring expenses)  in times when the  KVTHA funds is a little bit short.] 





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