{Photo shows Gerry C. Valentin delivering a talk [while his image is  projected on an adjoining screen] in one of his many directorship meetings among which is his active participation in the PILIPINAS SHELL Retirees’ Association. Gerry is celebrating his 57th birthday today, November 8, 2016. He is a true-blue Bulakenyo, the land of poets and heroes, which perhaps explain how he sweet-talked his former girlfriend, Carol Sacramento, into marriage. Well, the bravery of our heroes from Bulacan got exemplified by Gerry’s unintended feat of wrestling/hurtling a native Botswanan policeman unto the ground [at a time when he got cross-posted by SHELL thereat], after the  limp and slim 6-footer of a Botswanan came from behind  in a dimly-lit area in metropolitan Gaborone  [i.e. Botswana’s capital] as the native tapped Gerry’s shoulder. The problem was that Gerry’s pockets were then awash with cash after his withdrawal from an ATM. Mistakenly thinking that it was a case of a “hold-up”, Gerry grabbed the Botswanan policeman’s arm and wrestled/hurtled him unto the ground. Ironically, it was the Botswanan who apologized and said that he was just going to voice out to Gerry a Christmas greeting then [and perhaps to subtly solicit  some Botswanan Pula (i.e. Botswanan currency) which is a Yuletide custom similarly practiced in that African nation] , as that incident happened  during the Christmas season of 2004.}

A true native of Bulacan– the birthplace of poets & heroes, it is;

For which reason perhaps, you became a quiz-contest whiz!

Indeed, you breezed through college,

As you want your career quickly managed.


A distinguished certified accountant —

You’ve merged into such a job that’s gestant;

Despite all those who focused on showy upgrading,

CPA’s still speak of good academic-breeding.

For which reason perhaps, and your debonair looks —

You won a CAROL who though not afraid of the spooks–

Got scared when you wrestled a force,

…A police who just wanted some burse.


But the policeman was not from MANILA,

It was from  far… so far, in  BOTSWANA, AFRICA;

And for this splendid feat in the eyes of that native,

You were hailed as a martial arts votive.


But when you did some explaining,

The police said he was into some kind of greeting;

But as you justified, the surrounding was dark;

And his tap seemed like a burglar’s attack.


And when you reached your prime at SHELL,

They clanged a clarion as though you’re a bell;

And thus, you’ve spread your expertise,

Thus, it was the BOTSWANA cross-post,  to beef up the natives.


So, as your friend and faithful colleague,

Stay positive, hopeful and constantly collected;

For in some future time that RUBY

   that you’ve found,

I am sure will turn out as a triumph… a promising fount.



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