[This group photo was taken at the facade to the entrance door of the GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO where my youngest ALEE celebrated her 18th birthday last night (November 6, 2016) with a host of her kith and her close kin. ALEE is shown in the photo, 7th from left with a garland of leis, in keeping with the HAWAIIAN motif-theme of the celebration.]


You were the last addition,

To our household’s population;

But though you were the last,

You gave us all inspirational repast!


You created and brought enthusiasm,

And you in fact infused friendly phantasm;

Just like the famous Casper in the movie,

Sometimes scarily weird, sometimes funny like a kookie!


They say you look like a Hollywood starlet,

ANTEVA says you’re in fact A. Jolie’s doublet;

But I will not let that hunch go truly doggone,

You indeed look like a petite Lara Croft with her hooked stanchion.


But what has amazed me indeed,

Is that you have become the family’s

    fine bead;

Winning medals and trophies and praises,

In your versatile terpsichorean graces!


You have reached your 18th birthday now,

And I hope your pursuits will abound;

For you could even excel in academics,

It’s nice and I’ll be swayed into shouting “FANTASTICS”!


I am amazed too with your study habits,

As you won’t sleep until you have scanned all those details and bits;

You  seem to act like a perfectionist,

That’s good– but indeed it has some risks.


I’d advise you to meditate and pray always,

For I’m sure that God will steadily watch your pace;

For your dance and your gracefulness ALEE,

Will always turn angels in Heaven with glee.


So as your Dad, your friend and  your fan,

Try to stay courteous, polite with elan;

For I can see in the stars and on your palm,

That you’ll reach all your goals and life-long plan.




[ALEE is seen in these photos with her brother and my namesake WALTER ANTHONY (“TON”) and TON’s girlfriend ALY, who is ALEE’s namesake except for a slight difference in their names’ spelling.]

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