[The recent decision of the highest tribunal of the land, the Supreme Court, must now put an end to this MARCOS BURIAL episode that has divided the country for decades. I myself, during my UP days was a Marcos-hater; but when maturity caught up on me (as I am now a card-carrying senior citizen), I came into a reflection that Marcos, for whatever sins that he may have committed, was the former leader of our beloved nation. There  is such an innate oriental trait that we ought to propagate and sustain which is RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY, RESPECT FOR OUR ELDERS and RESPECT FOR OUR LEADER. I firmly believe that by according this honor, though perhaps belated; such would be a redeeming factor that could plausibly chart out an auspicious trek of our dear country into the future.For whatever value it may add to this BLOG of mine, I still consider Ferdinand Marcos as the best President of the Republic, an opinion which was sounded off too by our incumbent President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, despite his LEFT-leaning advocacy. This humble opinion of mine is based on the consideration that GRAFT, and/or  MILITARY ATROCITIES and other shades of corruption have, upon my perception, virtually been a common denominator of almost all of the past administrations. So. let us BURY Ferdinand Marcos and let us all BURY the HATCHET, so to speak.]


During my UP days, I joined rallies and pilloried Marcos,

For not only it was the fad, it was mine and  my co-students’ cause;

Teach-ins in UP were then so abounding,

You’ll get “revolutionized”, ‘tis so fleeting!


And when the day of the Diliman Commune came,

We tried to shoot down those Hueys without shame;

Using firecracker projectiles and missiles,

You’ll aim it high till its short wick sizzles.


And when martial law got declared,

All the mothers and wives  got so ecstatic;

Their kids and hubbies who always come home late,

They came home early soon as though putting up a clean slate.


And a sense of discipline thereafter reigned,

A trait that all Filipinos must always sustain;

For if we really want our country to become great,

We must instill “respect for authority” in our pate!


And Marcos stood as a fine visionary,

For he brought Lim Seng to death by musketry;

It is good that with Pres. DU30’s  ascendancy,

Efforts got focused again to fight this DRUG misery!


And when the plebiscites polled high for Marcos,

The opposition became so terribly nervous?

They worked out a plan to bring down the popularity of Macoy,

They planned out loud; they did not even want to be coy.


As the defiant ones wanted to  overwhelm—

The charisma of Marcos and his records’ emblem,

In fact his manner of speech was so astounding;

Demosthenes could be banished, as though indeed that Greek is a farthing!


A true visionary in word and in deed,

Marcos introduced  nuclear technology to  run the grid;

But as it was his proud and vaunted flagship project,

The anti-Marcos gave a strident order– a curt REJECT!


The other programs that Marcos implemented,

Became the slogan, the mantra of those workers who’re so dedicated;

Masagana 99, the KKK and the GREEN REVOLUTION…

Such gave our country its apt progressive locomotion.


And the black propaganda came pouring in,

The “antis” even blamed him for the September 21 Plaza Miranda bombing;

But with the late Senator Jovy Salonga’s own probing,

Marcos got exculpated, he was not part of that SIN.


And now on the issue of his war medals,

Those antagonists ran though a barrage as though powered by swift pedals;

Deprecating the honor that Marcos has reaped,

Labeling the medals as FAKE– as though they fought in those trenches, so deep!


Well, it has become sort of an accolade,

To be labeled as some kind of a Marcos renegade;

And some would even have the gall to brag,

Saying…“I was jailed by Marcos in Bonifacio like a drag!”


With the Supreme Court’s grand decision,

To bring this epochal burial into full fruition;

His just being a soldier is enough entitlement,

No need for those medals, as added raiment!


 And if we consider ourselves as true Christians,

And would just now even reflect, by any chance;

According this burial honors to our past leader,

It would end a misfortune as though wiping it off with fragrant lather…


For if we truly are noble and loving  Filipinos,

We must not guide ourselves with the ratcheting in the casinos;

It is not a matter of who wins or who loses,

It’s the PHILIPPINE nation that must be adulated like rare ROSES!


And with this BURIAL of Marcos Ferdinand,

 We’ll all be like turning a new page in our land;

We’ll have a blissful ending to cast out those dissension and strife,

As we must now be strengthened and  united in our NATIONAL life!




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