We are all destined towards the REFORMATION of PVAI…

The call for REFORMATION that will guide us all, BY and BY;

For it is the LEGACY of our heroic fathers that is at STAKE – –

We must continue to raise funds for PVAI and must try not to be PROFLIGATE;

For our funds are ebbing low, and the withdrawal of funds from AMWSLAI was utterly a MISTAKE!

As a LEAGUE  of brave and courageous fathers plus their sons and   DAUGHTERS…

We must continue to foster the FILIPINO HERITAGE’s traits, for everyone and all the OTHERS- –

HONESTY, RESPECT for one another, COURTESY and all wholesome DRUTHERS;

Browbeating a colleague is simply not an option, much more unto our BROTHERS and SISTERS!

It indeed is a wonderful opportunity to be part of the REFORM TEAM… 

Those we have to REFORM simply cannot be part of this SCHEME;

For REFORMATION must involve some kind of HIBERNATION – –

They have to undo the wrong that was done, and act out what was OMMITTED;

For if this REFORMATION is ignored, PVAI will continue to be so damaged and even so INFECTED!

I was then some kind of an  ON-CALL Legal COUNSEL…

Due to court hearings can’t attend all of those board meetings SO WELL;

If only my advice was asked about the AMWSLAI DEPOSITS- –

I would have given a good advice to continuously maintain the high INTERESTS;

But someone  in the BOARD was hurrying it UP,  no categorical approval, the withdrawal was done in a BLITZ!

The withdrawal was based upon the fear that deposits in the name of VETS, is WARY…

If the VET passes, collection might get lost or even TARDY;

But what is simply the solution indeed, IS – –

To require the VETS to execute a DEED OF DECLARATION OF TRUST, for precaution and EASE;

‘Tis a DEED that says the FUNDS belong to PVAI and to nobody ELSE!

And if the FUNDS were still deposited with AMWSLAI as of TODAY…

The high interest earnings will surely give SWAY;

Allowances would have not been a thing of the PAST – –

And surely every board meeting we’ll have a delicious REPAST;

Not much stress in managing the FUNDS indeed, as interest earning will come in CASH!

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