FUN RHYME Birthday Greetings unto Atty. JACK CASTANEDA

Happy birthday Sir, Attorney  Jack CASTANEDA…

Based on your zodiac sign Sir, you’re truly adored by your “INAMORATA”;

For you’re delightfully charming, broad-minded and PLACID – –

Affectionate and tenderly caring, making your lover label as truly VALID;

And in terms of FRIENDSHIP, you’re a true AMIGO, as your concern is so AVID!

You’re creative and you seek to put things in a different PERSPECTIVE …

Do not be surprised as with age, more friends will come to you, as so truly  FASCINATED;

Those friends value most your sagacious and clever ADVICE – –

All of them consider you as truthfully and so aptly WISE;

You seem to get your counsel from out of the SKIES!

Your appellation “JACK”, actually means “GOD IS GRACIOUS”…

That’s why perhaps most people feel your friendship as so very PRECIOUS;

You’re so pleasant and easy to get along with and you’re so TRUSTWORTHY – –

You’d surely do a charitable act pro bono, and would even refuse a fee even a PENNY;

You truly have pictured yourself among your patrons as KIND and DANDY!

You’re truly blessed with intelligence, charm and such a rich and powerful IMAGINATION…

You’ve faithfully served our government, you’re a true asset of our NATION;

A true-blue THOMASIAN, who proudly carries its preeminent SEAL – –

A lawyer par excellence who labors and serves with unending ZEAL;

And would dish out so customarily a very reasonable BILL!

You’ve an ubiquitous presence at the UST…

It would seem that alumni affairs have become your cup of TEA;

You’re diligently  active too in those yearly BAR OPS- –

Seeking and aiming to bring Thomasian bar examinees to ascend unto the TOPS;

That’s the reason perhaps for the succession of favorable results where UST, is OKS!

On this your natal day, a sage adviser of this group, our revered Sir JACK…

I wish  to greet you with a loud hooray and much resounding WHACK;

The BAR exam’s wondrous achievements of your Alma Mater’s GRADS- –

‘Twas a result purportedly of your motivation, cheers, roots and PRODS;

You ought to be conferred an AWARD with  unending PRAISES and LAUDS!

Maligayang kaarawan po, Sir JACK!

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