[Mommy NORMA would have celebrated her NINETY-FIFTH (95th) birthday  if she  were  still with us  today, August 5. During her life here on earth, Mommy NORMA would painstakingly take good care of us when we were ill, especially during our  infant  and  toddler years,  up  to  and  until our adolescence. Her usual health tip, when you would feel as though you are in the verge of catching the FLU was simple:  quaff  a  hot  soup  and  wrap  yourself  inside  a  warm blanket and after producing much sweat,you would by then feel CURED and AT EASE with no more PAIN.]


Mommy NORMA would have been NINETY-FIVE TODAY…

As ’tis Mommy NORMA’s birthday, this WONDROUS WEDNESDAY;

She would still have been so continuously caring for all of US – –

‘Tis her maternal nature, as if one among got sick, she’d surely go NONPLUS!


Sometime in the early 50s, when I and WILLIAM grew unsightly BOILS…

Mommy NORMA kept us both attended with her daily nursing TOILS;

But it did seem that our ailment was some kind of SUPERNATURAL- –

‘Twas said that its source was occult and the cure should be PARANORMAL!


Beside our cozy CEMBO home then, was an earth mound like a miniature HILL…

And we’d joyfully play around it, like jovial JACK and JILL;

Might have done a leak that may have irked the SPIRITS – –

And thereafter BOILS appeared on our skin in such an unending SPURTS!


And that was the first time, I saw some kind of a mystic OFFERING…

With lit candles and plates of food that were proffered amidst, SINGING and PRAYING;

days thereafter, the BOILS vanished as if wiped with a fresh TOWEL – –

Our skin got restored to its former glow and sheen. like a polished JEWEL!

warning sign concept
warning sign concept

There was time too when a localized FLU EPIDEMIC caught up with us ALL…

‘Twas in the late 50s,  as we’ve already relocated from Tia AIDA’s nice and happy HOVEL;

Our 19th Avenue home then was a mere two-room AFFAIR – –

the ground floor was constructed into some kind of leisure LAIR!


At ground floor, there were no doors, as BURGLARS were NOT then a FAD…

‘Twas just a resting venue, with straw mats and  sleeping PAD;

Only the upper floor, with stairS leading to a door, which could be LOCKED- –

the ground floor lair, though with “sawali” walls, is totally UNBLOCKED!

‘Twas only FIVE of us then; myself, William, Winston, Wilson and WILBERT…

With Daddy Max and Mommy Norma,  our bout with the FLU was WON, though we were WITHERED;

As Mommy Norma did the NURSING, Daddy Max did the kitchen COOKING – –

as lighting then was not much FINE, the cooked food went into some kind of SPILLING!


At that time when the FLU’s pains and hurts were at its APEX…

‘Twas decided that we rest and sleep at the LAIR, as it was BEST;

The house kitchen then was actually downstairs, and for CONVENIENCE – –

Food would all be near to us, as we are all then,  sick PATIENTS!

Once again, me and  William contracted an acute case of MALARIA…

because we went to summer vacation in far-flung NAGCARLAN, LAGUNA;

both went into frightening and chilling FITS and unsettling high FEVER – –

Mommy Norma’s caring then was’nt enough as we’ve had bouts of fearful SEIZURE!

thus, we were confined at the  V. LUNA GENERAL HOSPITAL…

And Mommy Norma would visit us daily, ‘cos malaria was deemed as FATAL;

By the grace of ALMIGHTY GOD, and the painful shots of QUININE – –

It cured us both, for if not indeed, we’d have gone ASININE!


’twas painful indeed, the QUININE injection SHOTS…

It’s to be made intramuscular, thus injections were done on the BUTTOCKS;

The injectable solution was thick; so VISCOUS and TREACLY- –

The injecter must massage the injection point,  to melt and liquify the solution SLOWLY!

Those were Mommy Norma’s CARING MOMENTS…

She’s passionate and strong, and won’t go into some PRETENSE;

If you’re feeling ill, follow Mommy Norma’s apt counsel – –

Hot soup, hours enwrapped in a blanket, to cast out the FEVER till you sweat; a tip that  CURES and restores one’s muscle!


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