[DADDY MAX is now 98 years old, short of just 2 years to become a CENTENARIAN. Let us all fervently pray that DADDY MAX would successfully achieve and attain his CENTENNIAL in 2022, and that would be coinciding with the next Presidential election.]



Happy happy birthday DADDY MAX…

You’re NINETY-EIGHT YEARS OLD, and still so  SMOOTH and SUAVE like WAX;

Indeed, still a debonair as a military officer and a GENTLEMAN – –

You’d really even look  younger than Hollywood star, DUSTIN HOFFMAN!



The July 30 birthday personality traits rightly says that you’re an energetic SPEAKER …

Those born on this day tend to be so very active, and so BUSY, a real DOER;

Being around young people helps you keep your youthful, and fun-loving ATTITUDE – –

You love to feel so energetic and fit, as you actually profess a sense of FORTITUDE!


Most people find that you are easy to get along WITH …

But you hate gossipmongers even also some kind of a JAWSMITH;

You’ve the tendency to socialize with like-minded PERSONALITIES – –

You like people who are INTELLECTUAL and ENERGETIC, devoid of nasty ODDITIES!



People love working with you mainly because you are SMART and FUNNY…

When it comes to money, you’re not much concerned,  as you love MERCY more, as your  HONEY;

LEO’s health is sometimes tied to the fact that you don’t always take much care of YOURSELF…

You sometimes do, but sometimes isn’t regular enough, as caring for you, is sort of filed in a SHELF!



It’s almost like you’ve given  up when you start to see some GOOD RESULTS…

And the rest is supposed to happen on its own, but with COVID nowadays, you must do often CONSULTS;

Doctor MEDEL and Doctor RODRIGUEZ have truly taken care of YOU – –

Also, the chubby Doctor LINGLING UY, who looks at your CARDIOVASCULAR VIEW!



You’re doing well now in front of a CAMERA…

Thanks to AMY and SHAYNA, who view you as some star of an OPERA;

You could do well and much better perhaps, by NEXT PHOTO-SHOOT – –

‘Cos you’re popularity, fame and reputation now is growing, and is truly beyond REPUTE!

On your natal day, this TERRIFIC THURSDAY…

We have to all savor TONTON’s AMAZING COFFEE;

One DRINK will surely make you ENERGETIC – –

Lots more DRINKS will perhaps vanquish this PANDEMIC!




As the Chinese scientist LI WENLIANG confessed that the ingredients of COFFEE is a CURE…

And amidst our weather, that’s so HOT and HUMID, all the year, for SURE;

Could perhaps fluster, bamboozle  and confuse the virus named COVID – –

With TONTON’s COLD BREW labeled BREW ALMIGHTY, it’s BLACK, and it doesn’t taste ACRID!!


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