Fun Rhyme No. 349: Birthday Greetings unto Madame REGINA CALLEJA- WARSHAW (Evening Edition)



[Birthday GIRL GINA is shown in this photo wearing a yellow blouse and a black shawl over it (looking as though a UP Law 90s grad, so petite and flashing as though relatively younger than all of us). Others who attended the dinner at the CRAB MINISTRY, BGC which was hosted by the greatly generous gentleman from the UP Law Evening 79 class, JOEY OSANA, who has always customarily footed the bill in most of the UP Law Evening class get-togethers, are: (From L-R: Babes Navarro, the generous Joey Osana, Judy Belderol-Lewis, Cecille Gellada and Alpha Dayot.]




Happy happy birthday to you REGINA…

Despite the lapse of many years, you’re still an OOH LA LA;

The creases on your face are not so VISIBLE- –

You’re indeed still BEAUTIFUL and so truly LOVEABLE!



Sorry for not having had the time to meet you all during our UP Law  79 REUNION…

I’ve lots of work to do for my Korean War veteran Dad, who receives some PENSION;

Perhaps, by next reunion date, I’ll have the time for bonding in such a FUSION- –

And I will offer you a song, sung by the 5th DIMENSION!




Hope you’ll accept my APOLOGY…

I won’t break my promise, I’ll make a bet… OH GEE;

If ever I fail to be at our REUNION DATE- –

I’ll offer you a peace offering, perhaps a luscious CAKE!




As I got freed from the tenacious and back-breaking work ASSIGNMENT…

I was told that you won’t be present in our exclusive evening class dinner APPOINTMENT;

Thus I said to myself, if I’d join and frolic with THEM- –

My dear GINA would get much angrier that could start much MAYHEM!

But as you’re a GEMINI and an amiable PERSON…

I am quite sure that you’d be forgiving like a Christian PARSON;

And perhaps, in our next meeting during our exclusive GET-TOGETHER – –

We could have a sumptuous supper and feast on lobster and OYSTER!



You might have not noticed the RESEMBLANCE , which is quiet CLEAR…


You’re a petite and svelte version of the DUMB BLONDE, she’s a CREEP- –

But you’re a brilliant lawyer who’s truly beyond the REEF!




And on your natal day TODAY…

I wish you long life and more extended HOLIDAY;

So that you could snatch a trip back HOME- –

Here in our country, that would make your senior life, C’EST BON!


c'est bon


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