[The ANTI-TERROR Law enacted by the 18th Congress of the Philippines has received tremendous FLAK in social media. Protests rallies have even been held perhaps due to misinformation and the disinformation, mostly  launched by FACEBOOK bashers, who might not have even read the very text of the law. I hope this EXPLAINER which was inspired by a viber group chat message sent by my good friend, Atty. BIBOY MALAYA, would bring some illumination and clarification.]

It is truly a law which must not be seen as a BANE but actually, it’s a BOON;

It will be a strong support to the criminal justice response against TERRORISM – –

It has never been crafted indeed to repress FREEDOM of  SPEECH and ACTIVISM!



With the mutation in the way terrorist groups perpetrate their evil ACTS…

Governments must also be quick to make revisions and additions to their legislative ACTS;

Those who’ve committed, and/or are supporting those who commit terrorist acts should be accorded DUE PROCESS that would culminate in a rightful PENALTY!



Many misconceptions about the law have indeed SURFACED…

Due in part to misinformation – and disinformation – from some sectors who want the law DEFACED;

And this explainer seeks to clear issues about the anti-terrorism LAW – –

And perhaps you’d by then be convinced that the law has no FLAW!


While the LAW includes tough provisions against terrorists including foreign ONES…

Tougher safeguards were cranked in against abuse, which can be seen even by a DUNCE;

Though the law authorizes surveillance, a judicial authorization must be procured for a  60 day PERIOD – –

Which can be lengthened to a non-extendible period of 30 days, and that’s the end, for GOOD!



The LAW extends to 14 working days when a suspected terrorist can be detained sans a WARRANT…

A terrorist who is at-large can blow a building or a bank, and won’t even look ERRANT;

‘Tis safe that a terrorist is behind bars, than in the streets, with BOMB and GUNS – –

And would even sashay and jump with JOY after he has accomplished his evil ERRANDS!



And that period of detention is still lenient indeed, as SINGAPORE has 730 DAYS…

Truly, strict enforcement and draconian laws, produce results and such really PAYS;

But not in the case of our country, for HUMAN RIGHTS advocates would SHOUT and HOLLER- –

It’s a VIOLATION and they’d all be swayed and would want to save the suspected-TERRORIST-KILLER!


In Maldives and Singapore, these states provide for an indefinite period of DETENTION…

This is with respect to suspects deemed to be threats to the welfare and security of their respective NATION;.

Let’s all harken to SINGAPORE’s ANT-TERROR MODEL – –

Let’s not be hoodwinked and be wrongly convinced by HUMAN RIGHTISTS’ holler and YODEL!


Anent our ANTI-TERROR Law, the 14-day detention period is only upon a written authorization of the Anti-Terrorism COUNCIL…

And everyone would still enjoy the right to bail and the right to COUNSEL;

Truly indeed, there are safeguards to ensure the rights of the detainee, access to lawyers (as aforesaid) and to representatives from the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION or COUNCIL!


Violations by law enforcers – including tampering of records – shall be punished by imprisonment of up to 10 YEARS…

Contrary to claims by those PROTESTERS, it’s the courts that will determine if one is a terrorist, to avoid procedural VEERS;

And NOT the Anti-Terrorism Council, for it does not possess any judicial or quasi-judicial POWERS – –

And the law guarantees civil liberties and constitutional rights of citizens, presto, there’ll be no FEARS!



The ANTI-TERROR law respects too the freedom of SPEECH…

As well as the legitimate exercises of the freedom of expression and to voluntarily assemble in PEACE;

Everyone may engage in advocacy, protest, dissent or mass action sans any  force or violence or HARM – –

For the law indeed, was enacted to keep us all protected and to build much confidence among our own GENDARME!


UN SC Resolution


It was in fact the UNITED NATIONS which made the clarion CALL…

For all the countries in the world, to strengthen their laws and their ROLE;

For indeed TERRORISM has reared its ugly head and it can go UNABATED – –

But PEACE can only be achieved, if we are PREPPED and have precisely  LEGISLATED.



Contrary to claims of some protesters,  the LAW  does not allow authorities to cite it as excuse to do arrests  on mere SUSPICION…

That has never been the aim, for it’s truly violative of the CONSTITUTION;

The provision therein on warrantless arrest is in fact a mere REITERATION – –

For citizen’s arrest has since been actually allowed in our own JURISDICTION!


citizen's arrest

As the GLOBAL COUNTER-TERRORISM strategy was adopted by the UN in TWO THOUSAND SIX;

And that our country’s legislative mill has been in the works for it since the 17th CONGRESS – –

As there was not enough time to pass it then, it actually delayed the bill’s PROGRESS!

chili pepper


‘Twas the UN Security Council in Resolution 1624, which unanimously adopted at the 2005 World SUMMIT…

A reaffirmation of resolutions condemning TERRORISM, as terrorists’ acts could be so QUICK and it could really RIP;

As the mutating techniques of TERRORISM is hard to truly DECIPHER – –

And if we drop down our guards, we’ll all might be crushed into smithereens like ground CHILI PEPPER!




And as the sponsor of this legislation has

declared and PROGNOSTICATED …

People, “should know better than just criticizing …as the law is designed … “to secure and protect our families and loved ones from terrorist acts that would be PERPETRATED”;

“I hope the day will not come when you or any of your loved ones will be at the receiving end of a terrorist ATTACK…” – –

And sure as the SUNRISE, we can not bring the hands of TIME, BACK!

cant turn back

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