[LEN is shown here in this photo, clutching a clump of SENIOR CITIZEN’S cards, after collecting them from all of us (seniors of the FOREVER YOUNG clan)…as it was paying time already when she and Wilson hosted and footed the bill at an EASTWOOD Resto, for one of our clan’s get-together. Yes, I think it was LEN’s birthday too held last year.]

Happiest birthday greetings unto my SISTER-IN-LAW LEN…

As a CANCER born person, you’re sensible and quite comfortable in your internal  REALM;

Though you’ve the tendency to keep your thoughts PRIVATE- –

You’ve the ability though to sense the feelings of those around you, especially your MATE!


People born on JULY 6 are filled with INFECTIOUS ENERGY…

You teem too with VIBRANT OPTIMISM and DEDICATED ENTHUSIASM, that’s a lot, OH GEE;

The matter of COMPROMISE seems not to be your CUP OF TEA – –

As you dedicate much passion unto your quest, you want to resolve matters so IDEALLY!

You now ought to become more HEALTH CONSCIOUS…

REGULAR EXERCISE is recommended, and it must be COPIOUS;

That’s what your horoscope reading SAYS- –

And knowing your horoscope, nowadays; well,  it truly PAYS!



‘Tis also recommended that you wear and be surrounded with the COLOR YELLOW…

As it will surely encourage you to be more creative and to eventually turn MELLOW;

And as your career path is to find fulfillment in all aspects of your LIFE- –

That has made you indeed an ideal and an exemplary  WIFE!



Though, it was suggested that you ought to surround yourself with YELLOW TODAY…

Your lucky colors are: cream and pink and CRIMSON, and are also OKEY;

Your lucky days are MONDAYS and FRIDAYS; and your lucky numbers are FOUR and SIX- –

And you ought to avoid sugary and fatty foods, as those are an unhealthy MIX!


On your natal day which is TODAY, a MARVELOUS MONDAY…

I hope and pray that you’ll be open to more business possibilities, if it’s OKEY;

With the pandemic that has now been RAGING and RAMPAGING- –

Perhaps, you could bank-roll my belatedly discovered and probable career in OPERA SINGING!!!!



Malipayon nga adlaw ng imong natawhan!

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