[Here as shown in this photo is the lovey-dovey pair, my cousin-in-law and BIRTHDAY BOY, at LEFT, JUN VENAL; and his beautiful and elegant wife, my cousin in the maternal side, KIT LLORCA-VENAL.HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN JUN!!!!]



Happy happy birthday my cousin-in-law JUN VENAL…

As a CANCER person born on JULY 5, you’re a THOUGHTFUL INDIVIDUAL;

In fact, you’re so very THOUGHTFUL and SENSITIVE, and you’ve become sort of THIN-SKINNED – –

But you’ve a unique talent and an eye for DETAIL, making you so truly ORGANIZATIONALLY SKILLED!



LOYALTY is one of your most laudable and noteworthy TRAIT…

And you’re so protective of your loved ones, ‘cause your honest and STRAIGHT:

You are CARING and INTUITIVE, but at times a bit MOODY- –

You’ve the best PARENTING INSTINCT that makes you the best DAD to a TEE!



You’re also a SELF-STARTER as you know when to start a THING…

You also truly know when to end them,  that’s AMAZING;

You can be counted on to make sure that everything proceeds according to PLAN – –

You’d actually look like a magician, making things happen, as though with a MAGIC WAND!

High contrast image of magician hand with magic wand

WATER is the paired element of all CANCER PEOPLE, that’s a horoscopist’s NOTION…

And as a WATER personality, you’re driven primarily by EMOTION;

A combination of emotions, thence would  fuel you into ACTION – –

And as you’re keen protecting other people, you’d feel so good, even receiving COMMENDATION!



On you natal day, which is TODAY, the FIFTH of JULY…

I’d hope and pray that you’d follow the rules of IKIGAI;

Eat LESS they say, as CANCERIANS are prone to gain weight in LATER YEARS – –

Take care of your health and stay safe, so that KIT won’t break early into TEARS!


Joking aside, I will be praying for your continued SUCCESS…

As you’re a hardworking man with abundant PROWESS;

Long life to you and good health TOO – –

Someday perhaps, we’ll be there with my son TON, and we’ll all joyfully quaff an inebriating BREW!!!!


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