[Doctora LEAN C. JAMISOLA, is my new-found DERMATOLOGIST and she is holding clinic at the UERMMMCI as well as  in other clinic stations within the metropolis. She is not only possessed with a comely face but she is also armed with a risible sense of humor. Doctora JAMISOLA is celebrating her birthday TODAY.]



Happy happiest birthday to my dear DOCTORA…

A July 5 born is a rational PERSONA;

That’s what your astrology reading SAYS- –

Knowing your horoscope at times , really truly PAYS!



You are deemed as very versatile TOO…

But it’s said that you’re short in self-confidence, is that TRUE?

But my personal assessment negates such a TRAIT- –

I believe the astrologist failed on this, and could be FAKE!


People born today are deemed as so very IMAGINATIVE…

A creative personality who’s also ATTRACTIVE;

And you also have a persuasive and sympathetic NATURE- –

You’re very understanding with those around you, as you LOVE them  for SURE!

You are so graceful and a bit AMBITIOUS…

You’re teeming with enthusiasm, but you should be CAUTIOUS;

Being a CANCER person, you’ve a perceptive path to LIFE- –

And you’re clingy in loving and in a cute way, making you thereby a doting WIFE!



On this your natal day, which is TODAY…

I pray and hope that you’ll find a WAY;

To erase and deface all my skin AILMENTS- –

And to prescribe unto me the best of LINIMENTS!



But joking aside, I’ll pray for your utmost SUCCESS…

Hope that you’ll become, a busy derma doctor and surely the BEST;

Having known you as a physician with much PROWESS – –

Perhaps, someday you’d even become the  BESTEST!!!!



Maligayang Kaarawan Po MULI!!!!

happy birthday-girl

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