[This is ALPHA DAYOT-HAIDER’s FB profile photo. ALPHA is our batch mate in the UP College of Law – Evening Section of 1979. She does not want to be the center of attention, she said. Anyway, I have finished this BLOG and I have to publish it even just for publication in our VIBER chat group.]





Welcome ALPHA to our VIBER chat GROUP,

I hope you’ll stay and won’t again be SOUGHT;

For you’re a PISCEAN who is so SELFLESS…

And your imagination is truly LIMITLESS!




But ALPHA wants to be UNSEEN,

I hope she would NEITHER put up NOR create a SCENE…

As I have been INSISTENTLY pleading for  a PHOTO,

To complete this BLOG, which we term: IN TOTO!


in toto


And as her FB PROFILE is a ROSE…

I think that she really does not want to POSE;

For ALPHA is much daintier than the FLOWER,

Publishing this BLOG, I hope she won’t GLOWER!



She said she does not want to be the CYNOSURE…

But PRIVACY, I committed for SURE;

I will not make it go PUBLIC,

Thus, I’ll post this BLOG with tongue in CHEEK!



You have the innate ability to sense EMOTIONS,

Even if they’d hide, with plenty of CAUTIONS…

You’re a compassionate friend INDEED;

Who’ll always help a close chum in NEED!



In all matters of LIFE you truly DISPLAY…

As though the redolent flowers blooming so fresh in MAY;

Your active nature as well as your most creative IMAGINATION,

You truly would find best in the most opportune SITUATION!



As a PISCEAN, your special connection with WATER…

Makes you so FLUID and adaptable as a free-flowing LATHER;

This reality makes you a gifted COMMUNICATOR—

Though your romantic view of life, would at times turn a bit DOLEFUL!




Reminiscing our UP College of Law DAYS…

It truly is so joyful and such reverie PAYS;

For it could sway us to laugh and SMILE,

As we trek through life with our own extra MILE!



Take care of your health as well as your WEALTH,

As both components make for a good HEARTH;

Love and be loved by your loving PROGENY,

It’s the essential ingredient for a happy FAMILY!



Thank you too for your quick  DONATION…

To my THREE (3) dancing dames, it brought much JUBILATION;

And to their team members too, you’ve brought HULLABALOO,

Dancing with JOY and thanking you TOO! 


thank you new

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