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[The movie  Quezon’s Game is truly worth watching.  The movie capitalizes upon the grand performance of Raymond Bagatsing  (“Raymond’) who played the role of Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon (“President Quezon”). Raymond opted not to do the easy route of  impersonating the beloved President Quezon. Instead, Raymond decided to infuse the historic character with the fragile soul of a man on a mission but with very little time to do it.There is this one scene that could have gone horribly wrong in the hands of a lesser actor. President Quezon is busy in his office when an assistant brings him the frustrating news that all of his efforts to bring in more Jewish refugees are for naught. He waits for the assistant to leave the office, then he elegantly stands up and calmly walks towards the door to close it, and waits for a few moments. The president then lets out a controlled but evidently exasperated burst of emotion, violently clearing his desk of everything, before deflating into the sick and tired executive that he is,  a scene which may look as something out of a soap opera .]





The movie “QUEZON’S GAME”, is a true MASTERPIECE,

As it is an entirely new kind of cinema BREEZE;

The acting by actor RAYMOND was sooo MAGNIFICENT,

QUEZON was portrayed in the film as truly  MUNIFICENT!







Our history books, I feel,  were sparse on details about QUEZON,

Maybe that it is because for some kind of REASON;

QUEZON was considered as an excellent political SHREWD,

The US perhaps then felt, he’s set to have them SCREWED!




What I learned from the grapevine is a LOT,

That QUEZON was something quite like LOTH;

He is pictured as some kind of a ladies’ MAN,

And even deemed as always cursing just like some BOGEYMAN!





But the movie has changed all these bad IMPRESSIONS,

As now I learned that QUEZON is filled with EMOTIONS;

He is truly so KIND, LOVING and so HUMANE…





But what really intrigued me in the STORY,

Is some revelation that seems blurred in our HISTORY;

Is his INTREPID nature and much PERSEVERANCE,

And his unrelentless sway to set a model for MANKIND!




When asked why he wanted to help the JEWS,

Without batting an eyelash, he said that it’s the best option to CHOOSE…

For it is not only RIGHT and no one seems AMUSED,

So if no one is aiding, then HELP, and not be BEMUSED!




The political SHREWDNESS of QUEZON is truly TOPS…

Though not muscular and brawny

not even sporting LAMB CHOPS;

He seemed to have put one over a GIANT,

Of course, that’s the US govt., which then seemed to him, so COMPLIANT!





And I never thought that IKE EISENHOWER was his BUDDY,

EISENHOWER even supported QUEZON’s dream with a stand that’s STURDY…

EISENHOWER almost sort of countermanded the decision at WASHINGTON;

IKE was truly a buddy and friend to our MANUEL QUEZON!




For IKE was then the assistant military adviser to our COUNTRY,

And I admire QUEZON for having swayed IKE to prop the JEWISH ITINERARY;

Though the US Congress was against it, even the SECRETARY OF STATE…

QUEZON with much fervor pursued as he felt its noble and charitable STAKE!





QUEZON’S acuity and wit was further MANIFESTED,

When he put up a quick PRESIDENTIAL BALL and the German envoy was INVITED;

Though chaperoned by a NAZI German officer named Herr EBNER…

QUEZON successfully got what he aspired for, and it came out BETTER! 





With this movie that I have now VIEWED,

The US govt. tried hard not to be BOOED;

QUEZON indeed was a statesman of TOP CALIBER…

As he emerged as WINNER in a seeming PALAVER!




With the QUEZON movie that I have WATCHED…

It has made me NOW a PROUD FILIPINO…

Though QUEZON’s plan was sort of partially SCOTCHED;

But PROUDER still for a QUEZON that I NOW really KNOW!





Let’s all see and watch the MOVIE…

It is a good memento for heritage and  POSTERITY;

Let’s urge our kin and kith to patronize the SHOW,






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