[Left photo shows a group snapshot of players to the 2016 DADDY MAX’S BADMINTON TOURNEY held at our Badminton Court; while the right image shows Daddy Max with me and my badminton doubles-mate, Theo Bernardino.]


As I am a badminton player which makes me an ATHLETE…

I sorely contracted some “ALIPUNGA” on my FEET;

“ALIPUNGA” is known in English as athlete’s FOOT…

But it really is something that I can’t just give a HOOT!




As I have treated it before with a CREAM,

I decided to apply it just like in a DREAM;

But days gone by and no curing CAME…

I opted to consult a next-street clinic with some FAME!




It was indeed an ATHLETE’S FOOT….

Thus, the physician gave me a doctor’s NOTE;

I had to take an oral anti-fungal MED,

And some kind of cleansing with  sulfur soap INSTEAD!




But perhaps my sensitive skin got IRKED,

And an eczema patch on my right upper foot’s surface BREATHED…

As it was itchy, I may have caused a GASH,

‘Cause my uncut nails were sharp like CUTLASS!




A valued client who caused our 50 % discount at the STEAKHOUSE…

Invited us to join her in a Japanese hot bath HOUSE;

I was actually only eager to have a MASSAGE,

But their snide persuading made me accede as I hate such PERSIFLAGE!




I got swayed to dip in the hot bath POOL,

And thereafter I also dipped in cold water like a FOOL;

And my doctor said, that has caused the INFECTION;

As the water in the pool is not 100 per cent sure of SANITATION!




And I descried in my shin some kind of SWELLING…

But I just ignored it and even did some PLAYING;

Eventually my feet condition got WORSE,

For which reason, to Saint Luke’s BGC I was post-haste FORCED!






When I consulted a lady physician at BGC…

I was a bit relaxed as she also graduated from our UP;

She however was brutally candid and FRANK…

Upon showing some allergy on my  soles and on my palms, I got STUNNED!





As she said that it was some kind of doctor’s PROTOCOL…

She urged me to really keep my COOL;

And then she narrated that with this kind of skin AFFLICTION,

I need to take some special blood EXAMINATION!






She did blurt her initial diagnosis out CORDIALLY,

But she gingerly asked me for some APOLOGY;

She told me to be candid but must stay cool and not be ANGRY,

As she suspected that I may have syphilis and that’s VD!





So, as it was protocol, I took the lab test with COOLNESS;

And the blood and urine specimen were taken by a med TECH,

But it brought me some rejoicing and RELIEF…

As the VD lab test was negative but still no clear skin diagnosis, in BRIEF!


She then said that the palm and sole ALLERGY…

Could be some kind of psoriasis but it’s just PARTLY!

And so it was a hodge-podge sort of AILMENT and COMPLAINT…

But the cellulitis on my shin has brought me much ACHE and PAIN!



Athlete’s foot and eczema on my foot that’s TWIN;

Psoriasis on the sole and palm, and even on the SHIN…

That’s the reason why I can’t COME,

A sordid trauma, this unusual saga has ended and BECOME!




Psoriasis said the doctor is principally caused by work-STRESS ,

I jokingly asked her thence : “could it be cured by a MISS-STRESS”;

With a naughty look the doctor eked out a SMILE…

Sort of accidentally pinched my shin, I thus uttered a LOUD: “ARAY”!




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