cheska-hbd-blog [Here’s a photo taken by my daughter WINCHESKA (aka CHESKA, herself) using her own GOPRO camera while we were touring KYOTO, JAPAN on December 18, 2017. CHESKA is celebrating her birthday on December 28, 2017. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHE!!!!]


Your HOROSCOPE1 describes you as STUDIOUS,

You’re described too as MODEST but so GREGARIOUS2;

‘Tis reported also that you are INVENTIVE and ACCURATE…

You are SELF-RELIANT and always QUICK to help and DECORATE3!



You’re INTELLIGENT and so focused on RESULT  —

A LEADER PERSON whose aim is to EXULT;

Cause you’re truly LOYAL and eagerly DEPENDABLE…

Professionally and personally, you really are so ABLE!



You like QUIETUDE and find the woods a place of COMFORT4


As a CAPRICORN5 person, you’re elegantly AMBITIOUS,

You’re even described as PATIENT and so overly CAUTIOUS!


[CHESKA is here photographed by my eldest daughter SHAYNA, in an elegant pose in one of the shops in KYOTO, JAPAN]

My daughter CHESKA is a true HARD WORKER,

She is a frequent HABITUE of the DIVISORIA QUARTER6;

She has the natural talent of creating ornaments and THINGS,

And she produces them so QUICK from lots of BINGS7!



One time I was swayed to FETCH HER –

From DIVISORIA, as she was thence  a COMMUTER8;

At the GATEWAY Station9 in cozy CUBAO…

I almost was forced to shout HOW and WOW10!



CHESKA was sort of dragging a heap – ‘twas a MOUND11,

Using a leash as though walking a HOUND12;

I cannot perceive how she managed to CARRY,

Amidst those throngs of commuters who’re always in a HURRY13!



According to your HEALTH HOROSCOPE14, you’re a HEALTH NUT;

Thus, you ought to do your EXERCISE ROUTINE…no IFs and no BUT…

Popping those vitamins and eating just RIGHT15

That must be the way to drive you out of any BLIGHT16!



On this your NATAL DAY, I wish you SUCCESS;

I am sure you’ll attain it as you’re full of PROWESS—

For indeed, any DREAM that’s DREAMT…to be ACHIEVED…

HARD WORK is the ingredient and TRIUMPH will  be FULFILLED!


[Group photo taken by my son-in-law VIMI RIVERA in front of the food kiosk on our way to the OSAKA Castle, with CHESKA shown at second from LEFT. Others in the photo are: Alee, Shane, my wife Dang, Tonton and me. ] 



[Legend: 1 – HOROSCOPE – the positive traits of those born on December 28, 1989 can be accessed by encoding at GOOGLE the birth date. Those positive traits could be accessed particularly at via the weblink or URL at

2 – GREGARIOUS – Actually, the descriptive word given at THEHORORSCOPE.CO is “OUTGOING”, well; GREGARIOUS is an apt equivalent.

3 – DECORATE – Cheska seems to have that natural talent for DECORATION as she truly is so creative.

4 – The other website at; notes that persons born on December 28, 1989 find comfort in the woods.

5 – Being born on December 28, 1989; Cheska is governed by the ZODIAC sign of the CAPRICORN.

6 – The term QUARTER is used in this BLOG to mean AREA or PLACE.

7 – BINGS mean HEAPS or PILES.

8 – COMMUTER – When Cheska still did not have her MIRAGE Car, she would travel to Divisoria to buy heaps of pieces of clothings/garments/raiments to be used as material for their hiphop dance-costume business via the LRT plying the route from Marikina to C. M. Recto.

9 – The GATEWAY Station is along that line of the LRT plying the Marikina-C.M. Recto route located along Aurora Boulevard within the Araneta Center.

10 – I actually was wondering how Cheska was able to carry that heavy load without any assist from Divisoria to the Gateway-Cubao station. I finally learned however that a friendly soul helped Cheska to bring up the heavy pile of clothing from the street along C.M. Recto after riding a tricycle from Divisoria; up to the LRT station just using the stairs as the escalator was not then working.

11 – MOUND – The pile of clothings/garments/raiments, which Cheska was pulling like a large dog on a leash,  really looked like a mound just not a heap.

12 – HOUND is used in this blog to refer to a DOG.

13 – On a day-to-day basis, passengers commuting via the LRT are customarily going about the LRT station’s premises in HURRY-SCURRY.

14 – SUN SIGNS Horoscope under the website:; indicates that those born on December 28, 1989 are generally HEALTH NUTS.

15 – It is said that taking vitamins and eating right is something that comes natural to those born on December 28, 1989; according to SUN SIGNS.

16 –  BLIGHT is used in this BLOG to mean DISEASE.]




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