[As my UP Law classmate, ROLLY QUIMBO aptly postulated: “PNP Chief Ronaldo “Bato” De la Rosa is being faulted, by the Office of the Ombudsman and by a UP law professor, among others, for accepting fare for flights including incidental expense for Senator Pacquiao’s boxing fight and with a seeming sinister plan for a possible “EJK, extrajudicial knockout”, of then boxing champ Jessie Vargas in Las Vegas, Nevada; prepaid and postpaid by Senator Pacquiao — on the ground that Bato’s acceptance of Senator Pacquiao’s money violate P.D. 46 and R.A. 6713, even as these very same laws themselves clearly show that the perceived impropriety is proper.”…Well, let us see what would be the ultimate outcome of this queer probing.]


What’s so atrocious about this episode,

PACMAN’s boxing for a world record;

While BATO just got wooed to watch,

To add moral support to the boxing match.


It was pure invitation– an honor for the whole nation,

The PNP does not carry such junket-budget;

That’s why PACMAN made such an unsolicited donation,

–For all the expense plus fare for the jet.


The OMBUDSMAN jumped into quick PROBING,

As though BATO was guilty of dollar-salting;

Per the law, the crime ONLY becomes such a spate,

If one is a public officer, the other is private!


But both of them are public officials,

So what’s the heck– so what’s the squall!

Is this some kind of over-acting,

Hornbook sample of mal-prosecuting!



And surely there were other officials,

Who got invited as they’re PACMAN’s pals;

But why’s the PROBING concentrated,

To just BATO, it’s truly such a dread.


And another of the law’s condition,

The giving must be because of the receiver’s official position;

But they’re just friends, no such connection;

This PROBING must indeed come to quick cessation!


And even though PACMAN won the BELT,

This PROBING is somewhat BELOW THE BELT;

Jessie Vargas will then be GRINNING,

And would be wont to say: “Oh, these PINOYs, they’re queer in OVER-ACTING.”


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