[At left is a juxtaposition of the photos of Philippine Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump both  shown fancifully adorning the COVER of TIME magazine as it is being bruited about that they share a commonality in colorful language and unorthodox style in speech and in deed. At right photo is the FB profile photo of my dear fraternity brother and IDOL, George Bacuta, a GEOLOGIST par excellence, based in the U.S. and whom I am persistently wooing to turn pro-Republican despite his deeply-entrenched passion towards the ideals of the Democratic Party of the U.S.A.]


The problem with the American people,

They’ve seemingly reached the top of the steeple;

And now they have gone so plainly prosaic,

They’ve lost the appreciation for LANGUAGE poetic.


Donald is clearly biased towards HYPERBOLE!

That’s his style to bring his message with VIBRANT “OLE”!

And he has even chosen to be controversial,

That’s nice, it gave him much space in a lot of periodical.


And he’s into PALINDROMIC style too,

That’s what I sensed when I felt some kind of rue;

A friend in the U.S. said that Donald Trump denigrated,

Calling PINOYs as UNGGOYs*, that’s truly a dread.


But a PALINDROME is just sheer reversal,

It even admits some kind of mongrel style;

The word “UNGGOYs” can be switched into wholesome sense,

It can be the word “YOUNGs”– and it’s indeed not a nonsense.



So my IDOLIZED friend George ought now to know,

Donald just wanted to be poetic, in tow;

So now that PALINDROME is within your KEN,

That saying of DONALD must not be literally taken.



“PINOYs are YOUNGs!”** – that’s what he really meant,

For PINOYS truly have that school boy complexion,

If George still has some feeling of lament,

He needs to just look into his face in some kind of reflexion.



And so if Americans hate DONALD’s cussing,

They’ll just have to bear with it and do lots of GRINNING;

For just like our beloved DUTERTE who needs it for MOMENTUM,

People just needs the cussing to spike one’s SCROTUM!


So my dear BROD GEORGE, you ought NOW to reflect,

The emergence of TRUMP is quite truly MESSIANIC;

And never ever be so inclined to REJECT,

TRUMP has pushed right-wing populism to an enormous EPIC.

[* Unggoy means MONKEY in Filipino] 
[**This is how MONGREL PALINDROME works: the word “UNGGOY” can be transformed  via mere reversal of the letters’ placements as follows: “UNG” of the first syllable “UNG” shall become the second segment of the transformed word and the “GOY” which is the second syllable will be the first segment of the transformed word in reverse order, but truncating and clipping off the”G”. Thus – “YOUNG”.] 






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