[I started writing BLOGS a year ago after I was initially lured by my sister-in-law, Amy G. Young, and ultimately cajoled into it by my UP Law classmate, IDOL JC aka JOSE CAMANO. Though my BLOGS centered on FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP and FUN; the state into which present political developments  in the Philippines have been canalized, eventually enticed me to write about political affairs and events which I feel would also be within the ambit of family. Understandably, I truly feel, family is the basic political unit. I came up writing FUN RHYME BLOGS to sort of  mitigate the attendant sting which usually is infused in most political journals and,  to make FUN not WAR. The photo above actually depicts the spirit of my BLOGS. This was taken in Japan where my FAMILY went on a tour last year (December 2015) to visit and bond too with a Japanese FRIEND. And the trip was so much FUN.Incidentally, though I am a litigation lawyer and would be accustomed to register this new-fangled title, nay idea, of a FUN RHYME BLOG with our patent office, I felt too that it’s a bit PETTY.Thus I opted to just write this specific BLOG to announce to all and sundry that it was WALTER TOBIAS YOUNG (as depicted through the first letter of each line which reads, well—WALTER TOBIAS YOUNG) who started this thing called—FUN RHYME BLOG.He,he,he…]


With the way technology is ZOOMING;

All kinds of tactics ought to be CHOSEN—

Loving to convey the message to ALL,

The social media has now taken the TOLL!

Everyone it seems has grown into a NETIZEN;

Riding & surfing the INTERNET, it would SEEM—




To stay unconnected to TWITTER or FACEBOOK;

Oh, what a loss, you ought to take a LOOK!

But once I was doubtful if I’d have the TIME,

Im in fact surprised now, as even past bed TIME–

All of my eyes are focused on messages; reading ‘em line after LINE!

So forceful indeed, social media has reached its PRIME!




Yonder still would we see, the good effects of “CYBER-NITY”–

Over the objection of some squawking PERSONS shouting, short of OBSCENITY;

Under-aged minors, they say, are led to PORNOGRAPHY!

Nothing however could fill the goal of EDUCATION,

Google thru INTERNET indeed, is TOPS, no one can surely QUESTION!




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