[In one of his public appearances, President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE proclaimed that it was  DESTINY which actually catapulted him into the PRESIDENCY of the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. Years ago, when his name would customarily be dropped as possible Presidential timber, people would casually say that he does not even have a Chinaman’s chance as he is known only in Davao. But all has been proven wrong when DU30 garnered 16 million votes during the May 2016 polls even without a sturdy machinery and, worse, a moribund political party.]



ateneo's barcelon-on-duterte


DUTERTE’s election is purely DESTINY!

Just can’t understand, why my friend JC still’s BRISTLY,

DUTERTE was  reluctant, as FVR waged his CAJOLERY…

“I’LL SHOOT THOSE CAJOLERS!” – said he, as though making a DECREE.



Political cassandras negated his VICTORY;

Saying, DU30 does not even have a sturdy MACHINERY—

His political party was actually in sheer HIBERNATION…

What good, they say, will he bring to our NATION.



A lot even says, that he truly is LOCO;

And more even said, he is queer TARANTADO

But votes came in throngs like a showy ROCOCO!

One rival then conceded, even a bit ADELANTADO!



Doubters even questioned his promised CHANGE;

They said MARCOS even failed; DU30’s vow is quite STRANGE…

 But even before assuming his lofty POSITION,

Narco-personalities seemed to have resigned to CESSATION.





A topnotch analyst says DU30 plays his hand WELL;

His pragmatic foreign policy will surely be SWELL—

The U.S. really can’t just pack up and quickly LEAVE…

The PH’s strategic worth is an ace on its SLEEVE.




With the US $ 3 Billion aid from CHINA

The analyst hopes that the U.S. will change its “STRATEGIA”…

And will not just treat the Philippine PRESIDENT;

As though an inconsequential vassal state DOYEN.




 Though DU30’s fatalistic, he still’s not an ATHEIST!

He prays and truly believes in GOD, INDEED;

And said GOD will pop out a motive, if he needs to be OUSTED!

An exemplar leader who’s not keen to be a toad PRETENDER!


Thus, we have to pray that his reign will be OKEY!

For he is God-given indeed; but surely JC will TWITCH!

But as in every suspenseful TELENOVELA,

We’ll temper down the kitsch & glitz; and  finally reach our nation’s UTOPIA!



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