[Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, third from left, gestures, with members of a Filipino business sector, prior to addressing them in suburban Pasay city south of Manila, Philippines; Thursday, October 13, 2016. Agreements on funding assistance worth at least US $ 3 Billion from Chinese banking institutions  and private companies are expected to be signed during President Duterte’s trip to China slated next week from October 18-21, 2016.]

The news of the US $ 3 Billion AID from CHINA;

Splashed the headlines of periodicals in Manila,

My partner Jov, who’s no DU30 fan, SNEERED…

Saying that it’s just weird news, from some kind of NERD!

 And some walk-in couple-clients arrived!

With a sheaf of documents that needs to be notarized—

 And when Jov learned of their DU30 swing,

Jov engaged them in some friendly debating…

As has been Jov’s feisty & ballsy advocacy,

Jov said, he’s against the killings, the EJK…

And what he detests all the most, he pounded!

The cursing, he said, it truly is a DREAD!

 But the MISSUS, not the MACHO, took the cudgels for PANGULO…

The dame exclaimed and sans trace of shame—

Waxing poetic, she said DU30 is angelic…

Citing Nostradamus, the term MESSIAH… she said, seems quite authentic.

In jest she said, Duterte’s cursing must not be disdained…

It’s just the way of speech of a Visayan harlequin…

Duterte, she said,  is playful, and a compleat entertainer;

If we get into some unlucky skein; laughter is the best medicine.

But in truth and in fact, just as the Pinoys would surely prop;

 The recent PULSE Asia survey gave DU30 an 86 % mark…

If DU30 is wrong and is not to be a leader for long…

Why did Lord God gave him to us, as though for a SONG!


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