Congratulations unto you Madame DONNA ALAGAR…

The immensity of the lauds and prAises, seems adequate thus FAR;

For you’re truly amazing and so PUZZLING- –

It would seem that you have the power of BILOCATION, which appears UNENDING;

And your persevering efforts to discharge your plethora of functions look so really UNTIRING!

Indeed, the message posted by my idol


Would entice everyone unto you to make a BOW;

Perhaps like a curtsey done before the majestic Queen of ENGLAND- –

Or even perhaps a pirouette in accord with the ways of an excellent TERPSICHOREAN;

Or even perhaps a high jump of a regular participant in the Boston MARATHON RUN!

Your time-management skills seem to really be PRECISE and “SWAK” na “SWAK”…

It would appear as though it’s your own peculiar and a routine KNACK;

And your motherhood functions appear with so very nil DYSFUNCTION- –

As your captivating gracefulness as a woman, shows your love emotions in constant MOTION;

Driving through occasional kinks in marital life, with harmonious blend and mutual deep DEVOTION!

The phraseology of the award is so really APT…

You really seem to have gotten the award in a seeming easy WRAP;

For you’re indeed so deep in PASSION – –

With unconditional commitment as a happy ADDITION;

Your service to the IBP has really  brought much honor and prestige to the LEGAL PROFESSION!

The IBP-Quezon City is really too proud of YOU…

We really need to have some celebration, perhaps near a BAYOU;

And we’ll be angling for fish that’s so fresh and DELICIOUS- –

With some brandy, whiskey or bourbon; hope Boss REY won’t turn overly LOQUACIOUS;

And another Papang whom I fear might go ATROCIOUS!

Will not divulge his name as I’m a bit CAUTIOUS…

For he’s grand and a bit authoritarian, like PILATE PONTIUS;

And people say too that he’s somewhat VORACIOUS- –

Please don’t be intrigued with this FUN RHYME;

As the reference here made is actually SPURIOUS!

Just to make all of you readers excited and JOYOUS!

Congratulations once again, Madame DONNA, who really is so BODACIOUS!

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