My “em defesa da minha posição”


Don't flatter yourself, freak-nut."


The foregoing title is PORTUGUESE, that’s the patois in MACAU, ‘tis neither ENGLISH nor CHINESE…

Have a client and a dear FRIEND in that part, beyond the SEAS;

My engagement is DONE, as the lawyer in the case, effected a CEASE – –

So, the contract that has been forged must be COMPLIED WITH, as it EXISTS;

My friend and client seems to be confronted with an ISSUE, as he’s MACANESE!

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My dear FRIEND signed the PACT sans any proviso on the case’s being PRETERMINATED…

He signed virtually on behalf of the lawyers who’ve been APPOINTED;

My friend acted as though an agent for his principals, the HK-based LAWYERS – –

But they effected a pretermination of the case, those sage TOM SAWYERS;

While I’ve done my part and quickly transmitted the documents, sans urging commands from them neither stentorian HOLLERS!

A substantial amount of the LAWYER’S FEES has not yet been PAID…

Despite the fact that the portrayal of the LAWYERS as so DIGNIFIED and SAGE;

My dear FRIEND has been exerting his BEST EFFORTS – –

But more persuasion should be done perhaps, to fill in the BOURSE;

I’m so ashamed as my client and friend is so worried and his PEACE has gone a bit WORSE!

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!

I really have to NAG, NIGGLE and BOTHER, my dearest among FRIENDS…

As it is the right thing to do, as I have to receive and am much entitled to those PENCE;

It is not just PENNIES or DIMES, indeed, but a substantial AMOUNT – –

I hope my dear FRIEND will look at WORD OF HONOR as PARAMOUNT;

This effort on my part to procure the payment has seemingly become a trip to climb a TALL MOUNT!

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But my venerable and trusted FRIEND has made a PLEDGE…

He’ll work out a COMPROMISE PAYMENT, he’s really some kind of a CUTTING-EDGE;

I’ll fervently pray that those HK-based lawyers will eventually PAY – –

It was service that I provided braving the raging PANDEMIC, as I’d consistently PRAY;

And that my dear FRIEND will exert his best EFFORTS as though hunting a PREY to SLAY!

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