[Birthday boy JOMAR REJANO REVILLA, who is one of my paralegal assistants in my LAW OFFICE, is shown here in a very pensive mood (but trying to act as though a matinee actor-idol). JOMAR is celebrating his 28th birthday today, JUNE 5.]


You’re young and with a BRIGHT FUTURE,

Perhaps now looking for a belle with a nice CURVATURE;

But stay single and don’t be yet a BENEDICT…

You’ve to prep for the ’21 BAR and be a study-ADDICT!




Your stint in the LAW OFFICE must be a BOON,

Must study hardest ‘cause you’re not born with a silver SPOON;

Derive much learning from your court INNING,

Even it’s some case RESETTING that you’ve been MOVING!




Be polite too in transacting with your PROFS,

 Be sure to impress them with your daily DOFFS;

Perhaps, you have to write some more POEMS…

But never ever give your poem-writing tutor just mere COINS!





As paralegal assistant in the LAW OFFICE,

Your loyalty and diligence must be aimed to IMPRESS;

As your poem-writing tutor is not only your MENTOR…

He too is, your plain and simple SALVADOR!




You must heed his advice and COUNSEL,

And it’s hoped you won’t  be led to a TUSSLE…

For some advice could come with some CENSURE,

‘Tis for your good, so your success will be for SURE!




Your horoscope page says that you’re STRICT INDEED,

It also says that your quite RESERVED…

But try to calm down a bit your STRICTNESS;

As it would really help you in the LEGAL BUSINESS!




On your natal day, which is a HOLIDAY…

You ought to supplicate to GOD and PRAY;

To give you long life and good HEALTH…

For you’ve been deemed as your family’s precious WEALTH!



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