[A sample of the horrendous traffic jam in EDSA (the main thoroughfare in Metro-Manila) which traffic jams have been  caused principally by the lack of DISCIPLINE among the motorists and commuters.  Nowadays however, with the CHPG’s dedicated commitment to solve the traffic problem, some kind of alleviation  seem to be emerging. But discipline among the motorists and commuting public must be re-instilled especially in the use of the various secondary roads in the metropolis.]

Reminiscing US President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote which he announced in his 1961 inaugural address: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for  your country.”,  this virtual battle cry can do much in making the Duterte presidency a huge success.

On the subject of the horrendous daily traffic jams in Metro-Manila particularly along EDSA, President Rody hit the nail on its head when he ascribed part of the problem to PNOY’s administration’s act of cancelling the  MRT maintenance contract with Sumitomo and awarding it to an amateurish group.

It has been bruited about that during Sumitomo’s term, the very same company from where the MRT system and the basic equipment were acquired, about 75 coaches were continuously at standby and  made operational at the MRT main depot to service the millions of commuter plying the EDSA route.

When the maintenance contract was awarded to another entity, a certain PH Trams, not in any way connected with Sumitomo, which undoubtedly is the expert in the maintenance of their own handiwork; the number of operational coaches plummeted to its lowest level, at 25 coaches ONLY. PH Trams was labeled then as an undercapitalized and inexperienced firm by Metro Rail Transit Holdings Chairman Robert John Sobrepeña who similarly tagged the Sumitomo award cancellation as a big blunder. Thus, the long lines that formed daily in all the MRT stations along EDSA.

Perhaps, re-awarding the maintenance contract to Sumitomo could be a good start towards alleviating the miserable MRT woes which even figured in a series of despicable aftermath such as a coach falling down from the tracks and the on-and-off stoppage of the coaches.

But what can we as citizens do to alleviate this monstrous traffic problem. If we are among those who commute daily; in buses, vans, taxis or jeepneys, we could use moral suasion to sway via our pakiusap (i.e. cordial request) focused unto those vehicle drivers not to get into the yellow boxed portions of street intersections during the traffic rush hour.

In one posting at Facebook, it showed a driver counseling a passenger who wanted to alight in a “no unloading area” to desist and discontinue the practice of alighting in areas declared as “no unloading zones”. And the driver so kindly reminded the passenger that with the incoming Duterte administration, it would be best to start casting out those bad practices. DISCIPLINE indeed must be re-instilled in our citizenry.

So, let us counsel, sway and persuade our fellow citizenry to follow and strictly observe those important traffic rules.

Now, if you belong to the horde of daily motorists who cruise and ply through EDSA and other streets in the metropolis, let us never ever do a “counterflow” or enter the yellow-boxed portions of street intersections too. Also, let us all discipline ourselves by not texting messages while driving. In case a mishap happens due to this texting-syndrome, and one vehicle gets stalled on the street, traffic jam will surely come. Further, as the “green” traffic light would almost always quickly turn to “red” in just a blitz in most street intersections; staying alert to propel one’s car forward in a breeze, would contribute much to traffic decongestion. The best rule for motorists to observe therefore is to turn off one’s communication gadgets upon starting the car’s engine so that the enticement towards texting is shunned.

Let us all therefor strictly follow all those traffic rules as well as the traffic signal lights even in the wee hours of the morning. And let us truly impose a sense of discipline among us all.

It has been bruited about too that President Rody has that penchant of doing the rounds of checking incognito metropolitan Davao during his mayoralty in the said  city of the Land Promise. It could not be discounted that by force of habit, President Rody would also do the same in Metro-Manila. And it would be a sorry sight if President Rody would chance upon a motorist or a public utility vehicle driver doing a counterflow or blocking an intersection inside the yellow-boxed portion in street intersections. And it could result in Presidential castigation and shameful humiliation.

Thus, let us all campaign for DISCIPLINE on the streets and the strict observance and faithful obeisance to all of the traffic rules within the whole of the Metro-Manila area.  Jaywalking must be stopped and commuters must not encroach into the streets thereby constricting all the more our limited streets.

God bless the Philippines! God bless President Rody!!!

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