[Brod Butch Soriano is shown in this photo so staidly and primly dressed in a black tuxedo, while delivering a speech. Brod Butch recently retired as Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. A check in the INTERNET particularly at the WEBMED website entitled PHYSICIAN DIRECTORY, Brod Butch is rated as the highest among the obstetricians-gynecologists. Well, as I have pointed out in this FUN RHYME BLOG, it’s time for you Brod Butch, to SPLURGE, ENJOY and RELAX! HAPPY RETIREMENT BROD!]


I first met him as my FRAT MASTER1,

But he was KIND and not much of a PUNISHER2;

And he was quite a good LOOKER3 too,

He  became the BF4 of my CRUSH5 years ago!



I never remembered him to have whacked a PADDLE;

There were WHACKS and HITS from all of THEM,

But BROD BUTCH remained a FRIEND and not a FIEND6!


And when I became BROD, at the PI OMICRON7

I felt even more his WISDOM, his “ELECTRON8”;

He was truly REFINED and GENTEEL,

But his determination and person is made of STEEL!



‘Twas an episode when we had a FRAT RUMBLE9,

The poor BROD BUTCH never was in the pre-fight HUDDLE10;

And so unaware, he was GANGED UP solo11

Guys from our enemy FRAT, tried to break his GUTS and GRIT with a seeming “BOLO12”!



And when he became a DOCTOR after  a medical course13,

He migrated to PITTSBURGH, the STEEL CITY14, of course;

The man of STEEL within my BROD BUTCH,

Felt it so apt to be at the STEEL CITY of PITTSBURGH!




One time when my kids first entered an international contest,

It was at the 2006 WORLD HIPHOP15 in Los Angeles;

It was BROD BUTCH who broached from out of the BLUE16,

To support them monetarily as though in a CUE17!




This revelation further has made it CLEAR,

That BROD BUTCH is BENEVOLENT and truly so DEAR;


He was lauded and praised as though a retiring LORD!



And on this RETIREMENT episode of your LIFE,

You’ve truly become mentally, materially, physically and spiritually RIFE;

LIFE has officially given you the permission to splurge, enjoy and RELAX…

And you’ll not further be bothered by the TAX!



In terms of profit and loss, your retirement, it is…

A  loss for your colleagues and a profit on a list—

It is a LOSS indeed for your colleagues and co-doctors18,

But PROFIT for your kin especially your daughter19 (and your would-be grandkids), particularly granddaughters20!




[Legend: 1 – I became a neophyte with the aspiration to enter the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY in January of 1967 and eventually had my FINAL INITIATION in the latter part of February 1967.
2 – In terms of entry into a Greek-lettered fraternity in UP before, one really has to be wary about those PUNISHERS in the fraternity as they are so much keen in giving physical torments and punishments unto the neophytes. One episode I remember was that I was fetched at UP Diliman and then brought to the home of the master-brod,where I was subjected to physical hazing. I have no regrets then as felt that it was a tradition that has to be observed in entering and of becoming a member of a Greek-lettered fraternity such as the PI
3 – Brod Butch Soriano is one among the many brods whom I consider as debonair and good-looking. He truly captivates woman as he is so gentlemanly, refined and is good conversationalist.
4 – My elementary co-pupil at the Murphy Elementary School, Rebecca “Becky” Santos, became Brod Butch Soriano during our college days at UP Diliman, circa late 60s to early 70s.
5 – I actually had a  CRUSH upon this co-pupil of mine then, Becky Santos. Becky also matriculated in UP Diliman where she became a Sigma Beta Sorority member. There was time when the brods declared a “virtual separation” (not a “divorce”) from our Delta Pi Omicron sisses; and during that hiatus, we “flirted”, sort of; with the Sigma Beta Sorority members.
6 – The term FIEND is used here as some kind of an enemy who torments and brings you pain and suffering.
7 – As earlier discussed, my FINAL INITIATION rites in my aspiration to become a member of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY was held in the latter part of February 1967 at the mansion of the late Brod Pete de los Santos located along Ifugao Street in La Vista Subdivision, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.
8 – Brod Butch Soriano was truly a LIVE WIRE; he could be meek but he is an embodiment of JOY, HILARITY and MIRTH during our parties. He actually would become the life of the party in our fraternity social affairs. Thus, “ELECTRON” is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG to mean as one who starts up the activity just like electricity, as an ELECTRON is considered as the primary carrier of ELECTRICITY.
9 – This FRATERNITY RUMBLE was against the BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY. It was this episode I think, where Brod Butch Soriano was ganged up and mauled, which led to the shooting by Brod Jamel Lucman at the Vinzons’ Hall in UP Diliman of THREE (3) Beta Sigmans.
10-   The night before, we (about 10 of us in our fraternity)  “FORCIBLY INVITED” a Beta Sigman by the name of JUDGE, to join us in a drinking session as we wanted to hear from his own mouth as to why he was always staring at us as (every time he would pass by our hang-out with his other brods) though he would want to “gobble” all of us. The drinking session ended with Judge as a new-found friend (in fact, JUDGE was accompanied by another brod on his way home as he hailed a taxicab for a ride; but the following morning, Judge reported to all his brods that he was KIDNAPPED by the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY. Thus, the Beta Sigma Fraternity declared WAR against us.
11 – The following morning after JUDGE reported to his Beta Sigma brods that he was “kidnapped” by us. This report led the Beta Sigmans to hunt down PI O brods and Brod Butch Soriano was ganged-up at our hang-out all alone (as he did know about the “KIDNAPPING” episode of JUDGE the night before. Though I did not have the courage to ask Brod Butch Soriano as to what transpired in the “ganging-up” (as I could see that he was gritting in anger); it was rumored that Brod Butch was manhandled, mauled and even slapped. Brod Butch was reportedly as hard as STEEL as he did not show any cowardice when the Beta Sigmans; purportedly with a fan knife, asked him to renounce his affiliation with the PI OMICRON Fraternity. But Brod Butch stood his ground and never renounced his affiliation with the PI O despite the threats and the danger posed by those Beta Sigmanswho ganged-up on him.
 12 – The used of the term “BOLO” is just to achieve a FUN RHYME scenario. What the Beta Sigmans have reportedly then was a FAN KNIFE, a virtual BABY BOLO. BOLO actually is a large knife.
13 – Brod Butch pursued his medical education at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Center (“UERMMC”) where my brother Wilson currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the UERMMC Board of Trustees.
14 – PITTSBURGH is considered as the STEEL CITY of the U.S.A.
15 – In July 2016, my eldest daughter SHAYNA together with her UP STREET DANCE TEAM co-members started their quest at the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) to BRING HOME THE GOLD to the Philippines. In 2012 WHHI, the UP Street Dance Team using their team name THE CREW won GOLD.
16 – Without any plea on my side, Brod Butch on his own volition suggested the idea of passing the hat to effect the accumulation of funds to help my daughter Shayna and his co-team members in the UP STREET DANCE TEAM finance their needs while on sojourn in Los Angeles, U.S.A during the 2006 WHHI.
17 – The financial help suggested by Brod Butch at that time really came as though on a CUE, as the UP STREET DANCE TEAM was on a shoe-string budget when they commenced their quest to participate in the 2006 WHHI.
18 – Those CO-DOCTORS are Brod Butch’s colleagues in the medical profession at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
19 – Brod Butch sired a daughter ASHLEY during his marital consortium with his gracious and beauteous wife ROSE.
20 – I would surmise that Brod Butch would prefer granddaughters as he and Rose brought to this world a DAUGHTER. And at one time, Brod Butch showed much love and affection to a daughter of mine (actually my youngest daughter ALEE) who when ALEE was in LA for a ballet contest (ALEE was still then 8 years old), ALEE even mustered enough courage to render a song; a PANGASINAN song in the PANGGALATOK language. And Brod Butch endearingly listened through the phone as though a doting father to his very own daughter.]