On the first day of August 2015, I, together with my 93 year old Dad, Daddy Max Young, flew to the US principally to watch my THREE (3) daughters, who flew in to the US a day earlier with all of their teammates;  to compete in the 2015 World Hiphop International Competition (“WHHI”) at the Harrah’s Resort in San Diego, California. Earlier on, we, the parents of those who will be competing under the team name LEGIT STATUS had regular meetings to raise funds for the competition-trip to the US. The aggrupation of the parents was labeled as the LEGIT STATUS PARENTS’ GROUP and the overall coordinator who got elected was my friend, Rizaldy “Zaldy” de los Reyes. To insure easy and quick communication, it was decided that the principal medium of communication  will be through FACEBOOK. I did not have an active FB account then (though years ago, my daughter Alee  created for me an FB account which I never used). Thus, I was compelled to come up with a new FB account.

On top of watching the competition; I decided, as Daddy Max would be coming along; to add to our itinerary a visit to the tomb of Daddy Max’s American father, Lolo William Young, which was located at the Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery. This was some kind of sentimental journey as the only time when Daddy Max met his father, Lolo William, was 77 years ago in Lolo William’s house in Cebu City.

Thus, I imposed upon myself the task of bringing news and all events that would transpire during our trip to my siblings particularly regarding the visit to Lolo William’s tomb and to the LEGIT STATUS PARENTS’ GROUP respecting the WHHI contest.  Being a greenhorn in the use of my FB account, I got so excited posting lengthy narration of all that transpired travelogue-style. Well, the visit to Lolo William’s tomb was successfully done after traveling 500 miles from Chino Hills, where we stayed for the night at Kuya Raul Tobias’ elegant mansion,  to Santa Clara on August 2, which gave us enough time to head to Harrah’s Resort in San Diego to catch up with the August 4 WHHI opening ceremonies that would feature the traditional parade of about 53 country-competitor-teams.  LEGIT STATUS won 1st Runner-Up in the Varsity Division and 4th Runner-Up in the Megacrew Division.

When we returned home to the Philippines, my sister-in-law Amy Gillera-Young advised me to create a blog site, counseling me that postings in FB ought to be simple one-liners.So, as Amy said, if one would exceed one line of a posting, better come up with blog site to post those travelogue-type of narrations. And I created this blog site.

I am a Filipino and I am proud to be so. Thus, to evoke some kind of patriotic fervor, I decided to come up with a title of this blog site with  “RP” as acronym. The acronym RP has for some time been referred to as acronym for Republic of the Philippines, except that the Aquino administration decided to change the “RP” acronym to “PH” for Philippines.

As a lawyer, I write court pleadings everyday and to while away some time, I felt I could by way of some diversion, scribble some notes for eventual posting in this blog site while doing some rumination. I have traveled a lot too, in Singapore, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, the US, Canada, Guam, Macau, Hongkong, and China; and I felt it would be sharing FUN to narrate ludicrous events in my life during those peregrinations.


  1. My friend Wally.

    I’m quite happy rather ecstatic that you have found a way to express your thoughts and feeling thru your words on-line. Little did I know that I would have a small contribution in pushing you towards putting up your own blog site. Man, this is simply great! You get to write more often than not ’bout everything and anything whilst you entertain people with your amazing stories. Read the story ’bout your Indian friend…Sacrifice for a Free Meal! Hmmmm that got me thinking on the dreams and aspirations we long for and how we need to work on it to attain it. I guess it means there is genuine fulfillment and happiness when we achieve something after going thru a lot…of sacrifices.

    Warmest and best regards,


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