Happy happy birthday Madame Cecilia Arlin B. AGULTO…

Being born on April 16, you’re deemed as a sensitive, compassionate, and a generous person TOO;

 Despite your warmth and caring, you’d be suspected of being indifferent and  ALOOF ALSO – –

But what is best, it that as an April 16 personality, you are easy to FORGIVE,

And I could easily and competently say that such trait is your ACE on your SLEEVE!



People born on April 16 have a lot to OFFER…

They’re suited for leadership roles as they’d easily see the issue’s angles and subject MATTER;

They simply can  come up with an innovative SOLUTION – –

And they’re gifted too, with skills in NEGOTIATION or MEDIATION,

As they’re adept with superb ability to swiftly understand others’ LOCUTION!


 In their leadership role, they’re able to take into CONSIDERATION…

The needs of those around them and they’d consider difference of OPINION;

In relationships, ARIANS tend to be the ones that set the STANDARD – –

For what’s acceptable and what is not, they’d comply with it strictly, even if it’s so HARD,

They may have the adversity and/or misfortune, still they’d accord HIGH REGARD!


An April 16 birthday pal, like you, is also very energetic and ENTHUSIASTIC…

So their relationships tend to be lively, interesting affairs, so FANTASTIC;

ARIANS, like you, may not always be the most emotionally available BUDDY – –

Still though,  it’s important for ARIANS like you to find someone who can appreciate and be HAPPY,

ARIANS indeed have unique qualities and they won’t be overwhelmed as they’re FINE and DANDY!



Indeed, as a septuagenarian, you seem to be “YOUNG” just like our CLAN…

You seem to be just TWO (2) scores away from your DEBUT, that’s said with BIBLE on HAND;

During your prime, you’re pictured as ZESTFUL and SPIRITED, such a splendid CHARACTER – –

Your being a Tagalog, with a mix of gentleness and hospitality, you’re deemed as so DEAR,

As I am sure too that being a TAGALISTA, you’d customarily spin a daily RIDDLER!



Pals like you born on April 16, share a passion for philosophy and a need for closeness, on the SIDE…

You’re creative by nature, and that’s one cause why your fine hubby, took you as BRIDE;

Those born on this day of April 16,  are also very friendly PEOPLE – –

Who don’t want to upset anyone, as they treat almost everyone as ACCEPTABLE,

They’re also very hopeful, who are able to see the best of every situation, that’s truly ADMIRABLE!



On  your natal day, on a SACROSANCT SUNDAY…

I wish to do a toast and a hollering HURRAY;

As to luck, your luckiest days are the MONDAYS and THURSDAYS of the WEEK – –

And your lucky numbers are  7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52; or bet via 6/55 LOTTO’s  LUCKY PICK,

Try again, and again, for your luck could gracefully SNEAK!




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