Fun Rhyme Birthday Greetings to my nephew, ROMMEL YOUNG-REYES


Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo “my suave nephew” ROMMEL…

Poging-pogi talaga “and he could dance so WELL”;

Habuling-habulin po ng mga ATENISTANG KOLEHIYALA- –

Pero mapili’t pihikan sa larangan po ng pag-ibig TALAGA,

Mukhang ang hanap nya’y prinsesita o PRINSESA!

Star dancer siya nun ng Company of ATENEO DANCERS…

Was a star too at CLARET during his jolly high school YEARS;

Though a real terpsichore expert and a dance WHIZ- –

He did not go against his loving and caring parents’ WISH,

Opted to focus on his scholarly pursuit, indeed his collegiate STUDIES!

I remember that he emerged as a true CHAMPION…

During a badminton tourney, in our clan’s playful REUNION;

ROMMEL really gave his best, and gave it ALL- –

With tears of joy cascading from his EYES,

‘Twas the taste of imminent victory and the sight was so really NICE!

Now as a responsible and diligent officer of MOTOLITE COMPANY…

He’s tremendously filled with energy just like the batteries’ EXPRESS DELIVERY;

As part of  MOTOLITE with a volley ball TEAM & ROMMEL as PAGE – –


And she’d be ROMMEL’S tandem like love 💓 birds 🦅 in a CAGE!

Greetings on your natal day my debonair looking and a bit shy of a NEPHEW…

You’re full of will-power and much artistic talents, known only to a FEW;

You’re mysterious and also, so very INTERESTING- –

You rarely enjoy taking the center stage like a KING,

As you’d prefer working  on the sidelines or even behind the SCENE!



Happy birthday again to my nephew with keen INTELLIGENCE…

Your remarkable loyalty to friends, indeed truly make SENSE;

As you have the ability to bond with others on a spiritual LEVEL- –

In case you’d wander off to a place near a seeming TOWER OF BABEL,

You’ll be the unifier and the “uniter”, perhaps like the virtual king ZERUBBABEL!

And then and there you can marry a princess , or a QUEEN, or any righteous lady but not a JEZEBEL!

Happy happy birthday ROMMEL!

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