Happy happy birthday to you Boss SANTI…

This year, I’ve greeted you PROMPT and PUNCTUAL, and it’s not TARDY;

VIRGOS born on September 8 are searchers of TRUTH- – As a retired army officer, who’d at times serve as a SLEUTH, let’s drink to that with red VERMOUTH;

But let’s wait till the PANDEMIC is gone and the conditions is no longer ACUTE!

As a VIRGO person you’re described as ANALYTIC and CHEERFUL…

Even COMICAL, a trait that’s so aptly BEAUTIFUL;

For in city life amidst the HELTER-AND-SKELTER and much HUSTLE and BUSTLE – –

One really needs LAUGHTER to serve as LIFE’S THROTTLE;

Much in need indeed, as we try to vanquish COVID in this raging BATTLE!

You’re truly acclaimed as one the best in the PHILIPPINE ARMY…

For your last posting was as VICE-COMMANDER, and that was FINE and DANDY;

You are described too as somewhat OLD-FASHIONED – –

That’s what the astrologer said, and supposedly your good DESCRIPTION;

But when it comes to ladies you surely won’t want a MATRON!

Indeed, SANTI is a topnotch friend, and among the military officers’ PAR EXCELLENCE…

Who consistently focused on PRACTICALITY with much COMMON SENSE;

You’re even deemed as so very HELPFUL and CHARITABLE – –

You were so diligent at your ARMY work, a trait that’s so COMMENDABLE;

For every one indeed in the military hierarchy has deemed you as so RELIABLE!

You’re quite FLAMBOYANT too, and a DREAMER but so ORGANIZED…

A hard worker and multi-talented, which descriptions are so PRECISE;

A risible raconteur who narrates much zany TALES – –

A fair and just fellow, who decides as though using the SCALES;

You’re truly popular and well-loved, much entitled to praises and laudatory HAILS!

Your zodiac says that you’re KIND and a GENTLE PERSON…

Offering HELP to kith and kin, to you is so COMMON;

And you truly are an individual who’s GOOD-HEARTED–

So possessed with WISDOM, as you’ve learned much on your various EXPERIENCE INDEED;

A true and genial gentleman who would help a friend in NEED!

On your natal day, on a WONDROUS WEDNESDAY…

I wish to do a toast and a hollering HURRAY…

As to luck, your luckiest day is WEDNESDAY, which is TODAY- –

And your lucky numbers are 50, 51, 41, and 36; add TWO more, for LOTTO to PLAY;

But don’t forget to share some “BALATO” from the lottery-winning on SUNDAY which is my BIRTHDAY!



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