HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend MARY JANE….                           

Your smile is still cute and is as sweet as SUGARCANE;

And when you are drawn to laughter, you really sparkle and bubble like CHAMPAGNE – –

Though, it gives some soothing feeling, yet it could also give some stomach PAIN!

I first met MARY JANE, on my first day of OFFICE…

Went to see MTG, and I thought my call was FLAWLESS;                            

But it would seem that MARIANO has not advised HIM – –

So, I had to go back home, and went to see a movie FILM!

Upon my second call, MARY JANE was courteous in her PROTOCOL…

Even offered COFFEE, but as I turned out fidgety, the coffee went down COOL;

I was afraid that another mishap may or could just HAPPEN – –                        

If still a gaffe and a repeat would come, I’ll just might see the CAPTAIN!

Truth About Lucio Tan - 真正的陳永栽: June 2009

As a CANCER born person, you are very IMAGINATIVE and CREATIVE…             

You  believe that there are no limits to LIFE, well that trait could be ADDICTIVE;

For LIFE and LIVING here on earth is truly very SEDUCTIVE – –

Let’s reduce the SEDUCE and make it mere ATTRACTIVE!

Cancer Woman Personality Traits - Mystic Compatibility

You tend to be quite SUCCESSFUL in whatever you would DO….

You hold yourself  to a high standard, and would not want to bid your good virtues ADIEU;                       

You believe sincerely in your ROMANTIC VALUES – –

But you’re clueless, as to how to practice it, thus its better kept than USE!

Cancer Woman Characteristics That are Spot-on and Hard to Ignore -  Astrology Bay

You are attracted to business for you like to prove YOURSELF…                

And your strong interpersonal relationship and leadership, are traits that make you BEST;           

You’ve an inborn sense of LOYALTY which teems inside your SHELF – –

But USERS and ABUSERS are those indeed that you DETEST!

When a Cancer Woman Is Mad at You - 5 Easy Ways To Tell

On this your natal day, my sweet MARY JANE…         

I’ll fervently hope and pray that soon you’ll reach your FAME;                                 

I am not thinking of STARDOM, at least be freed of BOREDOM – –

That you’ll soon be a captain too of industry perhaps with your own business QUEENDOM!

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