Happy happy birthday to you our legal secretary JESSIMINE

We’ll start today your birthday celebration via a breakfast laced with CAFFEINE;

This is the first birthday celebration in our LAW OFFICE – –

Which will start in the morn to end perhaps till evening at SIX;

To make you stay with us, until you’ve learned all the lawyers’ TRICKS!

Your June 20 birthday horoscope shows that you’re FUNNY, KINDHEARTED and LIVELY…

Like most other people of this sun sign, you know how to throw a good PARTY;

 You’ve a soft heart, and folks believe that you’re generous and EMPATHETIC – –

You love helping people in need, especially those whose work sked is a bit  HECTIC;

And those are no other but me and my law partner Attorney VIC!

Nonetheless, you’re particularly sentimental and you’re also so INTUITIVE

 Those qualities make you exceptionally good at interacting with people, which I do BELIEVE;

You’re sharp and precise and you like the attention that it can bring to YOU – –

And you’re dramatic, charismatic, and an outgoing charmer who love to help by talking THROUGH; . With excellent communication skills and an innovative mind crammed with insights, make you a witty conversationalist THROUGH AND THROUGH!

June 20 Famous Birthdays | SunSigns.Org

Tomorrow, you’ll have to start playing our badminton  GAME

You’re deemed athletic by our co-player MON, who when losing would feel irked and ASHAMED;

Let’s be the tandem at plays on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS – –

So that MON and DONNA would win, and MON will feel joyful with JUMPS and SASHAYS;

But I’d still insure that we beat them on SATURDAYS!

As a tender and nice GEMINIAN,  you can be plagued with an impressive stubborn STREAK

With this quality though, you possess a heart of gold and courage of a lion, the royal jungle king and BEAST;

This way of thinking and acting will take you places you’d never dream OF – –

We can have an office outing in BORACAY, Attorney VIC’s choice, which I think is OKS;

Of course, when we’d collect lots of moolah from DUMDUMA, which VIC would try to get thru COAX!

On your natal day, which was yesterday, a sacred SUNDAY

I hope that you’ve offered prayers too for our Law Office’s PROSPERITY;

Your LUCKY NUMBERS are 7, 9, 11, 12, and TWENTY-ONE – –

Add one more, and perhaps you’ll be able to win in the BIG ONE;

That’s the MEGALOTTO, and upon winning our trip to BORACAY, will automatically COME – –

Paid by your LOTTO winnings, we’ll enjoy BORACAY with some FUN and some WHISKEY and RHUM!


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