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Happy happy birthday to our diligent and hardworking PREXY…

A lot of residents in K-VILLE got awed and amazed by his governance, including one who’s SEXY;

For those  innovative improvements that got installed in NO TIME- –

Wows, lauds and praises were showered, better perhaps with the sound of a melodic CHIME!

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The funds of the association seemed to have gone BLOATED…

For the collection efforts indeed have become most efficient and even went ACCELERATED;

And a CCTV system got installed to make living in K-VILLE much more SAFE and SECURED- –

Perhaps in the future a fire-fighting truck would even be PROCURED!

As a person born on JUNE 18, which is near the GEMINI- CANCER CUSP…

You’re considered as LUCKIEST OF COURSE – you’d say WHAT’S UP;

For being an intelligent and outgoing PERSONALITY- –

Wouldn’t even think from your looks that you’ve  passed the age of FORTY!

That nearing point of zodiac date-transition is called the CUSP of MAGIC …

And that’s the reason why you’re AMAZING and so rich in LOGIC;

You can safely do and make right things HAPPEN- –

For you’re a cautious but precise person and if you’re  a doctor, you’d easily make the COVID curve FLATTEN!

You’re strict but you’re also so compassionate, empathetic and so NURTURING…

You’re the best exemplar of LEADING, LOVING and CARING;

You’re even deemed as so dynamic with an exciting level of ENTHUSIASM – –

And that, you demonstrated it, as our K-VILLE PREXY to thwart  any hint of a CHASM!

As you’re a tactful  COMMUNICATOR and so fantastically VERSATILE…

You could act like a diplomat par excellence, who’d patch up any strife with a SMILE so warm like a red-hot STEEL;

VERSATILITY in you, makes you a jack of all trades, as you’re a HIGH ACHIEVER – –

And you’ve served our K-VILLE with dynamism and much FERVOR, to make it so vibrant,  so SAFE and SECURED FOREVER MORE!

On your natal day, TODAY which is a FUN-FILLED FRIDAY…

I’ll offer prayers for you and for the whole K-VILLE COMMUNITY;

I hope too that you would continue to LEAD, CARE and LOVE – –

Let’s all pray further too for our country amidst the PANDEMIC, and for us all to reap more blessings from up ABOVE!

Happy happy birthday Prexy BOB!

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