Happy happy birthday Attorney DADA…

As for me, you seem to be a unique lawyering-DIVA;

For when you argue in court, you look as though reciting melodic ARIA- –

Articulating your words so eloquently, you’d trash almost every attorney in any  lawyering ARENA;

And you’d in the future be crowned as a QUEENLY ADVOCATE, like your co-HARVARD alumna, MICHELLE OBAMA!


With your confident stance and pose, before a MAGISTRATE…

And your pronunciation is so precise, and you’re even doing apt PAUSES- –

Which surely would be profusely admired by topnotch law offices’ BOSSES;

But you’d prefer to stay in your DAD’s LAW FIRM, ignoring occasional LOSSES!


As a GEMINI person, you are truly BROADMINDED…

You’re much more positive but a little bit SENSITIVE INDEED;

A critical thinker and even flexible and SO TRULY SMART- –

So insightful too, as you can anticipate an outcome though not as yet on START;

That’s what you’ve inherited perhaps from your late DAD, who has a BIG HEART!


GEMINIANS are notoriously very sociable and social  ZINGERS…

They love to chatter, and just like DADA,  she’ll dazzle everyone she ENCOUNTERS;

Naturally gifted with the knack of making everything she does look EASY, feeling much CONTENTED – –

Affectionate and warm,  though so logical rather than emotionally MOTIVATED;

And being a friendly-fun individual, with much love of people, you can (with the 2022 polls approaching) even be easily ELECTED!


On this your natal day, my much admired and idolized ATTORNEY…

You should find time to relax, make it YOUR regular cup of TEA;

As to luck, your luckiest day is SUNDAY- –

And your lucky numbers are 7, 8, 9, 52 and 55; add one more for MEGALOTTO to PLAY;

But don’t ever forget to  share unto me SOME BALATO  on MEGALOTTO PAYDAY!

Joke, joke, joke!

Maligayang Kaarawan Attorney DADA!


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