Much talk has been said about the new MANILA BAY BEACH…

A lot has been complaining, even with the ranting of a BITCH;

They say that the rehabilitation  project is so UNTIMELY – –

As though there’s no time anymore for cleaning this bay which got so very STINKY!

It has always been shown that the minority is so NOISY…

They would always want to object and would put up an instant RALLY;

Perhaps they have been so enamored with the foul smell of the BAY – –

As they want indeed the STATUS QUO; the rubbish with the dirty CLAY!

As we must and have to jump up the COUNTRY’s ECONOMY …

And we really have to prepare for the impending NORMALCY;

International or local tourism has to be drummed up and PROMOTED – –

Even the locals, I am sure would want to see the beach with their breath truly so BATED!

AMAZING indeed is the best description for this new MANILA BAY…

I’d even propose that entrants be assessed a nominal FEE for them to PAY;

They can touch and clump the dolomite sand unto their very HANDS – –

With that they’ll realize that it is not as powdery, that could make the wind dust their GLANCE!

The reason for the rehabilitation is so clear and white as SNOW…

It is for a wondrous scenic view that would make tourists be awed with so much COO, and no BOO;

For with the famous MANILA BAY SUNSET  when the SUN is gloriously SETTING – –

The ambiance and view of the white sand, would surely amazed those tourist who’d come here JETTING!

Those talks about the dangerous features of the DOLOMITE ROCK…

It sure is BALONEY, as those protesters just want to plant a feeling of FEAR and WRATH;

For no one I am sure will be wallowing into the crushed DOLOMITE SAND – –

It really is for the view that would surely break the COVID gloom and turn it into FUN!

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