[BIRTHDAY GIRL GOLLY is shown in this pic with her contagious and enticing smile. When  my  fellow  UP  Law  batchmate  Babes Navarro promised me that she’d bring GOLLY  to  our  then  regular  YOGA  sessions, I  doubted  Babes’  vow as I knew then that  GOLLY  is  Cebu-based.  But  alas, GOLLY came and she sychronically  followed with  not  much  flaw,  the  numerous  yoga  postures and moves. I then learned that GOLLY  lives  in  a nearby  Quezon  City  home  when  she’d  leave  Cebu  for  some professional/personal  engagements  in Metro-Manila. GOOD LUCK GOLLY on your AWESOME ADVOCACY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!]


Happy happy birthday to you Attorney GOLLY…

As a LEO born on August 21, you’re loyal to a TEE;

The great thing about your loyalty is that it’s based on REALITY – –

That’s what your horoscope says, some kind of baffling ASTROLOGY!



Your horoscope also says, that you’re capable of speaking on subjects that are TRENDING…

It coincides indeed with your calling now, as the issue on ECOLOGY is much ASCENDING;

It’s an HONOR to have known you as a batchmate, friend and casual YOGA co-PRACTITIONER – –

Thanks to BABES who cajoled you to attend, as your place was then so NEAR!

Attorney GOLLY is current Vice-President of Oceana PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL…

The largest ocean conservation and advocacy group, a welcome addition to our country’s ANNAL;

OCEANA works to protect the world’s oceans through targeted policy CAMPAIGN – –

GOLLY indeed deserves much laud, perhaps a toast of bubbling CHAMPAGNE !



OCEANA supports our country’s goal to promote policies to protect our  marine RESOURCES…

‘Tis timely as our sea waters have been polluted, and ravaged, almost filled with virtual ABSCESSES;

OCEANA vows to ensure that fish and fishers would receive much PROTECTION – –

It really is good for the welfare and posterity of our beloved NATION!



“My love affair with the sea started since CHILDHOOD…” –  –

That’s  an excerpt from one of the pages in OCEANA’s  GUIDEBOOK;

It’s a reminiscent and guileless sea-lover’s QUOTE – –

Those were words uttered by GOLLY, recalling the past while then perhaps wading on a BOAT!



On this your NATAL day, my dear friend GOLLY…

I hope and pray that you’d reap much more successes in your ADVOCACY;

Your unending love for the sea, for our country and for your fellow CEBUANOS – –

Not only deserves a PROMOTION at OCEANA, perhap even a  tremendous BONUS!





happy birthday-girl

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