[BIRTHDAY BOY Proculo “PROCS” Sarmen (my UP Law batchmate and friend)  is shown in this photo with a calm and  mellowed smile. But amidst his seeming relaxed and peaceful mien, PROCS packs so much ENERGY with a WALLOP. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROCS!]

Happy happy birthday to you my IDOL PROCS…

You’ve been my IDOL since I wrote about your travails in one of my WORKS;

Can’t actually believe how you survived those stanchless TOILS – –

You’re like a pre-COVID 7-11, where I usually buy those ALUMINUM FOILS!


A  LEO like you born on August SEVENTEEN…

Is possessed with much spiritual power, since you were a TEEN;

Those FIVE (5) spiritual powers are: FAITH, ENERGY, MINDFULNESS, FOCUS and WISDOM – –

You could even FOUND for yourself indeed  a devotional FIEFDOM!



You’re really so highly focused and so VERY MINDFUL…

Those traits perhaps brought you much STRENGTH, a vigor that was AWFUL;

And in those many years of your tedious TRAVAILS – –

You got ill ONLY once at your tuition’s journey’s end, after so much stormy GALES!


You’re simple and practical and are seldom influenced by TRENDS…

But you are so amiable as your teeming with FRIENDS;

To pass through further toils, you’d be prone to ally with the comfort of the status QUO – –

Though you’re personable, you have an aloof quality, but not with your LOVELY JO!



As a LEO personality, you  strive to provide a comfortable lifestyle for you and your FAMILY…

Such role that you’ve persevered to take, is your natural PROCLIVITY;

As FAMILY is indeed so very  important for YOU – –

You don’t like to leave anything to destiny, as that’s a LEO trait TOO!



You at times, would seem to act a bit BLUNTLY…

But you’re passionate in LOVE, a genuine LOVERLY;

You’re so self-motivated and incredibly energetic, those are your inborn TRAITS…

Those traits were handy indeed during your travails, while inching dutifully on DIRE STRAITS!



On this your natal day, this MARVELOUS MONDAY…

As you’re deemed as a visionary, thus I do hope that SOMEDAY;

You’d sustain vigorously your pursuit of advocacy for the country’s WORKERS, fighting for their DESTINY – –

As a committed labor leader,  to bring to both our country and your wards, much PROSPERITY!

Happy happy BIRTHDAY, once again, to my IDOL and FRIEND!



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