[BIRTHDAY GIRL Bambi aka Beebam seems to be posing here in this photo ready to face the hysteria and bonanza of the road to stardom. Her horoscope reading said it all, she could eventually be filmdom’s next top star. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEEBAM!]

Happy birthday to my paternal niece BAMBI…

As a LEO born on August 15, you’re deemed as ambitious, and it’s so HIGHLY;

And you’re horoscope reading says you’re so HONEST TOO – –

But, it says that you’re possessed with a slightly stubborn spirit… is that TRUE?


You’re pictured too as brave enough to confront life head ON…

That’s perhaps the ABREÑO blood in you, and that’s a TON;

And you’re ready to strive to reach new levels of success CONSTANTLY – –

‘Cause you’re goal-oriented and you’re prepped to put more efforts to reach it, so WILLINGLY!


You’re AUGUST 15 birthday horoscope predicts that you have so much POTENTIAL…

You’re in fact deemed due to your creativity as an extraordinary INDIVIDUAL;

You have many admirers, and people want to hang out with YOU – –

It’s simply because you attract attention, as you’re cute and brainy TOO!




According to your horoscope, you can be a sure cinch to turn into a theatrical PERSON…

Don’t take this note with a grain of salt, as it could pay off SOON;

For you could really be molded into a good ACTRESS – –

And I could put up a fans’ club, that could create much hysterical MADNESS!

You’re also  clever and so full of RESOURCES…

It truly could lead you to prosperity and much RICHES;

As you’re deemed as empowering and friendly TOO – –

After your brief stint as a female “matinee idol”, you could perhaps even turn into a POLITICO!


On this your natal day, on this FANTASTIC FRIDAY, with greetings from your poetic UNCLE…

I’d fervently hope and pray that you’d invite me to your first MOVIE PREMIER;

Take care of your health and figure, and try to do VEGGIES, FRUITS and NUTS – –

And when you’d become the country’s top movie star, it would be easy to win VOTES!






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