[Our country is viewed by most political analysts as having not truly achieved a deep sense of NATIONHOOD. And it could be that most of our countrymen today have in part lost RESPECT for our leaders. Though many would contend that some of our leaders do not appear as respectable enough, we much impressed upon us all that respect ought to be accorded the position they occupy. The very reason that elected officials carry a limited term is to allow their people to change them if they indeed have not worked for the welfare of the whole. Still however, we have to show and profess respect for our leaders to achieve and promote DISCIPLINE. Indeed, I still believe that for our country to move forwards unto PROGRESS, we need to have DISCIPLINE as our perpetual GUIDE.]


Let’s all show respect for every  position of LEADERSHIP…

That’s the best way to move forward, to enable indeed the CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP;

Respecting people is so very IMPORTANT – –

So that everyone, won’t be from their goal be placed so DISTANT!



Being rude and inconsiderate is a trait of SELFISH PEOPLE…

Those RUDE, will surely never be one’s eye’s APPLE;

And if you sow DISRESPECT, that will surely be a CURSE – –

If you expect to be RESPECTED, it’s not bought,  though you may have a fat PURSE!


A quote one said that too much rights,  invites a lack of RESPECT…

It might really be true, as too much rights would be sorely INCORRECT;

There’d be room for abuse and even MIS-USE – –

Being disrespectful, could even end up into a CALABOOSE!


But others mistakenly feel that they’d look so REAL…

If they can bash on FB, a congressman, a senator, or even a GENERAL;

They’d even feel that they’d be deemed as BRAVE and COURAGEOUS – –

It’s as though they have put one over another, and that they’d feel so PRESTIGIOUS!


Let’s not equate being DISRESPECTFUL, as  BRAVERY…

For it’s not even a mark of GALLANTRY;

You may indeed feel that you’re FEARLESS and PLUCKY – –

Perhaps, you were indeed just DARN LUCKY!



To achieve indeed a sense of real NATIONHOOD…

That would propel our nation into great progress, in all LIKELIHOOD;

Is for us to sow and practice RESPECT, an intense form of BROTHERHOOD – –

By espousing and showing RESPECT for our leaders, to erase the BAD, and ennoble the GOOD!




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