[BIRTHDAY GIRL BABSY is shown in this photo with a broad and mirthful smile.]

Happy birthday to our batchmate ATTORNEY BABSY…

She’s a very assiduous person as you will all SEE;

As she is currently the Secretary and Executive Director of PHILEX MINING CORPORATION – –

She’s Secretary too of the NICKEL ASIA CORP., world’s producer of LATERITIC ore in PROFUSION …

And there are about FIFTEEN (15) more corporate entities in her BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMATION!


She’s an INSPIRING PERSON because she’s able to WALK her TALK…

Whenever she makes a PROMISE, people can bet  mounds of FUNDS, as she’s never a GAWK;

She has an inborn sense of FOCUS, believing that big things in LIFE are worth DREAMING – –

Despite all frustrations, she’d make the dream a reality, by much PUSHING and PRODDING…

She’d do whatever it takes, till the goal is reached, via victorious SMASHING!


She started out LITIGATING and she became SENIOR ASSOCIATE at ACCRA…

She looks so CHEERFUL and almost always UNWORRIED, a picture of RHATHYMIA;

Subsequently ascended as PARTNER and eventual MANAGING PARTNER of the ROCO KAPUNAN MIGALLOS  OFFICES – –

And she would press on EXCELLENCE, under her  own managerial AUSPICES …

A stickler for ACCURACY and PRECISION, in   her lawyers’ duties and their ACCOMPLICES!

migallos-luna law

She graduated CUM LAUDE and was our batch  SALUTATORIAN…

‘Twas at the UP COLLEGE of LAW – – a bit BOURGEOIS , a bit PLEBEIAN;

She ranked THIRD in the 1979 BAR EXAMINATIONS – –

Started straight and serious into steep lawyering career, despite all those work DISTRACTIONS…

Culminating thereby into success, achieving much of  her lawyerly AMBITIONS!

UP Law



LEOs  born on August 8 can be seen as unemotional or even DISTANT…

But they’re simply self-disciplined and they surely can reach success in an INSTANT;

Though they’re often forced to climb the hard road to success, they won’t do it any other WAY – –

Their eagerness to earn every opportunity, is in their TRUE CHARACTER and SWAY…

But with the dawning of more SUCCESSES, they’d  burst in LAUGHTER, and would even do a SASHAY!


On your natal day, on this STATELY SATURDAY, with greetings from an ASPIRING POET…

I fervently hope and pray that you’d cut down on your DIET;

Take care of your health, and try to do VEGGIES and FRUITS – –

As you’ve a  PRIDE and JOY of a DAUGHTER, in the person of ANNA DINNAH, who’s a splendid CHANTEUSE …

We could perhaps sing, dance and carouse (after this pandemic is over), and I’ll offer a SONG and a TOAST!


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