[BIRTHDAY BOY Dr. EMIL PADRE who is the best family doctor in Carson City, USA; is  shown  in  this  photo  cradling a child who seems to be enjoying their cheek-to-cheek pose. And Brod EMIL is seemingly precariously watching as to whether the child would continue to enjoy the cradling or would just opt to go into crying. As Brod EMIL is an avid TRUMP-rejectionist; I sort of wagered a bet telling him that I still believe TRUMP will get re-elected. Brod EMIL called the bet and that after the US elections in November 2020; a delectable “LECHON” (that’s our bet in kind) will be served for me. my staff and his buddies and companions to consume and eat in my Law Office’s KARAOKE Room, of course, with some drinks. And that would be the scenario in case the PANDEMIC has already FADED and EBBED. I intend to tell him that if TRUMP gets re-elected, he should enter U.S. politics and run first for Mayor of CARSON City just like MARBUT, YAMAMOTO and GIL.]



Happy happy birthday bodacious BROD EMIL…

You’re a true and handsome gentleman, with flaws so very NIL;

For you are now a successful and famous family DOCTOR – –

Who seems to be reaping more successes sans any OBSTRUCTOR!



Being a LEO born on July 31st, you’re most comfortable in a SOCIAL SETTING…

You’re in fact deemed in your haut monde circle as a REAL KINGPIN;

You hobnob and rub elbows with the top brass and top HONCHOS – –

You please everyone around you, in a way so seemingly UNCTUOUS!

You love to be in the company of people CLOSE TO YOU;

And you don’t shy away from any chance to be the center of attention TOO;

Your social nature does not make you a follower HOWEVER –

As you’re in fact very independent, and you’re a born LEADER!

born leader


Sometimes frustration dawns in your family and FRIENDS…

For they may describe you as bossy, at times, a bit  PERCHANCE;

Luckily, they would realize however that you’re such a warm and loving PERSON – –

You’d even perhaps pass a nomination at CARSON City’s flock, as its most REVEREND PARSON!


LEOs born on July 31 are natural TRENDSETTERS…

Who have the unique ability to sway others to their own DRUTHERS;

They are so creative, so friendly, and teeming with great IDEAS – –

For all these praises and lauds BROD, send to me in Manila, my fave MEXICAN TORTILLAS!

mexican tortillas

On your natal day, my bodacious BROD EMIL…

I’ll fervently pray for more of your successes as monumental as the DOMINGUEZ HILL;

Perhaps you’d become Mayor, just like MARBUT, YAMAMOTO and GIL – –

And if TRUMP won’t get DUMPED this November,

dare to face him at the polls, for you’ve superior SKILL!


And you’ll bring TRUMP then, to his most DISASTROUS KILL!



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