[BIRTHDAY  BOY  GEOFF  is  shown  in  this  photo  (as though dancing in the woods with HERMIE) which  was snapped somewhere in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada where the lovey-covey duo went on a holiday/vacation in October 2019.  HERMIE was my former colleague at the Legal and Collection Department of  ALLIED  BANKING  CORPORATION.  HERMIE  promised  to  give  me  GEOFF’s birthdate; but perhaps due to the rampaging pandemic, HERMIE forgot all about it until  this  morning  when  we  had  the  chance  to  exchange  messages  via  FB messenger.]

Belated happy birthday to you GEOFFREY JAMES WILLIAM…

Though HERMIE was late in telling me, I don’t want to be taciturn and MUM;

For I have seen in FACEBOOK, that you truly love her SO – –

I really need to praise and greet you, for you’re such a precious JO!

Being a CANCER born on July 19th, you’re known for your COMPASSION…

You’re deemed as also sensitive BUT possessed with much INTUITION;

You’re teeming and beaming too with positive OPTIMISM – –

I’d believe that you’ve had a colorful life that could be portrayed in scintillating PRISM!



You always have the right thing to say when people are in NEED…

I’d really want to be your chum as you’d be a nice FRIEND INDEED;

As, per your horoscope, in situations that seem so bleak, you can easily see the bright SIDE – –

For you’re handsome and brilliant, thus your shine can’t be DENIED!


Those qualities aforementioned  are greatly appreciated by those close to YOU…

That’s the very reason why you’re such a highly coveted friend, business partner and marital partner TOO;

Not much I know about you, but you really look with much ZING;

And the descriptive traits that HERMIE shared to me, made you looked more AMAZING!


You’re deemed too as sweet, and romantic, and a SENTIMENTAL PERSON…

Your righteousness and goodliness, could make you even pass as a reverential PARSON;

And you’ll do everything with love and caring in your MIND – –

Lovely ladies like my friend HERMIE, will look and find such KIND!



As a fervent prayer for your natal day that has PASSED…

I’ll hope and pray that you’ll find your true LOVE at LAST;

She could be just waiting in a nearby nook or  CRANNY- –

If you’d finally catch HER, promise MIE that you’d love her most TENDERLY!




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