[BIRTHDAY BOY WOODY is here pictured with a body of water as background, so opportunely snapped as WOODY’s zodiac sign which is  CANCER is fundamentally linked with the ELEMENT of WATER. WOODY is so very active in her spiritual pursuits as an animated and participative member of a Christian congregation to which he has since her marriage to his lovely wife PAM, now belongs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOD!]



Happy happy birthday to you WITTY WOOD…

Being a CANCERIAN born on July 13th, you’ve an overwhelming OPTIMISM, and that’s GOOD;

And such trait is paired with INTUITIVE EMPATHY – –

Wow! That pairing and combination is so TRULY PRETTY!


You’re in tune with your emotions as well as of others, so GREATLY…

The pairing indeed of your natural optimism with a positive view, gives you cutting-edge ABILITY;

Such possession of an INTUITIVE and OPTIMISTIC NATURE – –

Makes you, to proudly emit a true POSITIVE outlook in life, and that’s precious asset, for SURE!


But not the POSITIVE sign of COVID, as certainly, you might trash-talk me with CENSURE…

As I am talking about POSITIVITY of outlook in LIFE, and that I do ASSURE;

As WATER is CANCER’s paired element, and you’re most linked with this elemental MATTER- –

Similar to rocky ocean waters,  CANCERIANs  often experience emotions in waves like  undulating TETHER!


CANCERIANS use those experiences to understand the complexities of EMOTIONS – –

And they apply those knowledge, unto oneself and into the feelings of others, enriching their winsome NOTIONS…

You’ll then ENRICH yourself plentifully not just in material POSSESSIONS- –

For you’re a virtuous CHRISTIAN, who’d truly uplift on SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS!


As CANCERIANs continue to embrace those qualities of WATER…

They’ll grow into an even more compassionate friend,  son, brother, husband and FATHER;

But be aware too of the negative influence of WATER – –

As becoming fully submerged could bring INSTABILITY, and you might even blame your UNCLE WALTER!



July born CANCERIANs understand better than most people, just what harmonics do to LIFE…

Thus, you’re really much skilled in sparking up harmony especially with PAM, your  WIFE;

You’re sensitive, yet strong; and you’ve a powerful attraction to beauty in all ASPECTS- –

And you’re a genius in attracting people to teach you life lessons, inclusive all its PRECEPTS!


While LOVERS born on the 13th of July are very CLINGY;

That would truly transpire and would be your cup of tea as PAM is INDEED  LOVELY!

Being a highly romantic and culturally INCLINED INDIVIDUAL – –

Your great excitement to the novelty of romance, 

could allow you  to reap a LOVE GOLD MEDAL…

On your natal day, this TERRIFIC THURSDAY, with greetings from a crude BARD…

In addition to the LOVE GOLD MEDAL AWARD,

which your UNCLE WALTER has put FORWARD; 

I hope and pray that you’d continue to have precious  GOOD HEALTH – –

As well as material, emotional, physical and SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING and WEALTH,




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