Fun Rhyme No. 350: Birthday Greetings unto my NEAT and NIMBLE-MINDED NEPHEW, BARRY BELISARIO-YOUNG


[BIRTHDAY BOY BARRY is shown here with actress JANINE GUTIERREZ. BARRY really is not only comely but it seems; “he is HABULIN ng BABAE”, as can be discerned from how JANINE almost enwrap him into her (i.e. JANINE’s) arms, “na parang bang ayaw nang pakawalan” or is it the “GIGIL EFFECT”. Well, as they say a picture speaks a THOUSAND WORDS.]




Happy happy birthday BARRY BOY…

As a GEMINI person born on this DAY – –

You’re so calm and so composed, truly ATTABOY!

You’re deemed as humorous too, indeed so sweet and cool like SUNDAE!




Per your horoscope reading, you’re truly relentlessly POSITIVE…

Am not talking of COVID, for I’m sure you’ll remain continuously NEGATIVE;

You’re that kind who constantly search for additional FACTS- –

That’s the reason perhaps, as you aced the HKUST Kellog Energy Case MATCH!


You’re described too as truly NIMBLE-MINDED AND SHARP-WITTED…

And a NEAT AND conventional guy, of course, that’s ADMITTED;

You’re described too as overly MATHEMATICAL- –






But you are deemed too as not too CAUTIOUS…

So, better be forewarned, please don’t drive RAMBUNCTIOUS;

Be extra careful when you’re DRIVING- –

Do restrain your speed and never ever go OVER-BEER DRINKING!




On this your NATAL DAY, Birthday BOY BARRY…

I wish you luck and plenty of MONEY;

Attire yourself in YELLOW today, as it’s your lucky COLOR – –

In case you win in any game or make much MOOLAH, just throw me a crisp GREEN DOLLAH!!!!


Joke, joke, joke!

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